It would be nice if the First Mannequin Melania were around to distract Donald from wrecking something new, but alas, most news reports say she's frozen in a window somewhere in Trump Tower.

Nobody wants be around this putz.
by old codgerette hillbilly February 04, 2017
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A yiddish word for Penis. Can be used as a verb, noun or adjective.
Tammy is such a putz.
Tammy is just putzing around.
Tammy is a putzy guy.
by Steve-o0o February 25, 2009
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someone who is retarded
someone who leeches off thier son inlaw
someone who says they love their little truck
Bill is such a putz.
Bill likes to putz around all day at work.
by saboteur September 19, 2006
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In South African slang, it means "easy".
Have you learnt the 9 times table yet? Ja, it's putz!
by totiboy December 07, 2009
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Term Jews use to explain ignorant ass holes or penises.
Rabbi Greenberg: That dude over there is a putz.
by Gaydos November 14, 2003
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