1) French word for: whore, prostitute, bitch
2) German word for the turkey meat
That awkward moment when you are in a supermarket and you see a product with the word "PUTE" written on it!
by Find a Wingman November 27, 2019
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1) french word for: bitch, prostitute.
2) 'faire un coup de pute' : play a mean trick on somebody.
1) Je suis allé voir une pute aux Bois de Boulogne.
2) Ce connard m'a fait un vrai coup de pute !
by Marianne January 18, 2004
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The hair, somewhat resembling a goatee, left around a woman's vagina after shaving their pubic region improperly.
I went down on that chick, and she was sporting a fairly thick putee.
by sxdavey January 11, 2012
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The slangy, shorter way to say whore in French. As opposed to putain.
Elle est une sale pute. What a fucking pute. I hate that pute.
by bobob November 16, 2003
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Pronounced "poo-tee-d"

Used to describe an individual who is intoxicated to an incomprehensible level. Generally results in bizarre behavior such as endless hysterical laughter and excessive physical affection. These behaviors are always in excess of what one would typically expect of a drunkard.

May also be spelled "puti'd"
Dave has been laughing constantly for the past hour...he is so puteed!
by Cjaco24 October 26, 2010
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1°)French word for Whore.
2°)A girl you don't like.~bitch
3°)"Aux putes" : ~brothel.
4°)"Un coup de pute" : ~a scam, ~trick.
5°) A friend who is not cooperative.
1°) Regarde cette pute mec, elle est bonne, je vais me faire sucer !
Check out that hot whore man, I'm gonna get a blowjob!
2°) Putin elle m'a balancé, quelle pute !
Damn she gave me up, what a bitch !
3°) Oh man, en deux heure on peut être aux putes en Espagne, on y va ? - Carrément !
Man, we can be in a spanish brothel in two hours, let's go !? - Fuckin' A !
4°) Putin il est parti chez Pizza Hut sans moi, j'y crois pas le coup de pute !
Damn he's gone to Pizza Hut without me, I can't believe the fuck of it !
5°) Allez ! Donne m'en, fais pas ta pute !
Com'on ! Give me some, don't be a jew !
by Satriany December 6, 2006
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