the act of gettin on your knees and suckin cock. the past tense version of goin down
by lazyassloser March 26, 2004
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In motorcycle riding, it's another term for having an accident or crashing.
Did you hear that ole dude that rides the Gixxer 750 got cut off by a cage driver and went down hard?
by Coolhandchuck July 29, 2008
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A phrase meaning an eventfull argument or fight happened.
James: Yo, did you see that fight at Lunch.

Jeff: Nah, mate. Was busy.

James: You should of been there. Shit went down.
by itzDanP March 21, 2015
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The act of putting hot sauce on your cock and then proceeding to have sex with a woman.
She asked if we could spice up our sex life, so i pulled the ole "the devil went down to georgia" on her. She's never been the same since.
by h3ll4w4its December 14, 2017
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code for developing a case of the runs after eating some questionable food, or after a night of heavy drinking.
"How was the show"
"It was good, but all that had was warm draft beer."
"Ooh. How are you this morning, then?"
"Well, the devil went down to georgia about 7 this morning, I don't think he has plans of leaving."
by Tbola April 1, 2006
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When your girl is on her menstrual cycle and she is bleeding . Then you have sex till you cum inside her bleeding vagina but you keep on having sex till the two mix. Then you pull your dick out and make her suck the mixture off of your dick.
Stacy hasn't talked to me all week after I did The devil went down to Georgia on her.
by dudeialmosthadyou December 15, 2021
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