A person who is drunk. This applies to the following type of people:

1) Binge drinkers on a Friday night etc

2) Alcoholics, who are regularly drunk
Britain is full of binge-drinking youths, who are proud of their disgusting behaviour, and boast about their worthless lives. Drunkards are part of the British social scene. Many young British women are drunkards on a Friday night! They want to live like foolish males, and they too are fools!
by I See The Truth January 06, 2006
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a person who does nothing but drink booze all day and funnel beer all night only to have his father take away his beer bong.
Jason Hughes is a drunkard.
by Clint J. September 28, 2004
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The word used in place of drunkenness to fight the authority; or I didn't know the right word
I was thinking of the lack of drunkenness, but I made up the word drunkardness.
by iwasrightaicwaswrong July 26, 2014
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A drunken person who acts like a retard. A drunken retard.
Wow, is that guy shit-housed, hes acting like a total drunkard.

Before he was drunk, he was a normal retard, now hes a drunkard.
by Sarmen Sinanian April 11, 2006
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Someone who's live is alcoholic drinks! They drink whenever they can and as much as they can. All they ever talk about is events where they were so drunk and the stupid shit they did. Russia is home to the vodka drunkards, Scotland to the whiskey drunkards, Australia to the beer drunkards and the USA to the "drink my own piss in my trailer park and rape my sister" drunkards.
Man that guy at the bar was such a drunkard.
by billy the willy February 13, 2003
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The act of inducing vomiting as means of achieving sobriety. Most commonly performed after a night of heavy drinking. Methods include shoving one's finger down his or her throat in a manner similar to famed reality television stars. Although it is theoretically sensible, its effectiveness is uncertain.
*Scene is set at a crowded party. Dude 1 walks into the bathroom and finds Dude 2 sitting in front of the toilet*

Dude 1: Why the hell are you shoving your finger down your throat?

Dude 2: It's called drunkard's bulimia. I heard that it helps you sober up after a night of heavy drinking.

Dude 1: You're a moron.
by DildoSpaceboots69 February 14, 2016
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Noun - Like a regular drunkard, a professional drunkard habitually becomes excessivly drunk. What seperates a professional drunkard from a regular drunkard is thier ability to excel in academic and professional endeavors while intoxicated, hung over, sleep deprived, or any combination of the three. A professional drunkard is an equal opportunity alcohol abuser, well aware of their chronic alcoholism, and are proud of it. Also known as Mythias.
Mythias gets drunk every night, wakes up drunk, goes to his first class drunk, sobers up between classes, starts drinking again after his last class, and he still manages to get straight A's. He is a professional drunkard.
by lusher21 July 30, 2006
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