Elle is a kind and caring person who will stay strong throughout everything, she is absolutely stunning and will always want to help. She always listens to you and, while she's forgetful, she will always remember the important stuff. Elle is someone who you should never lose and someone who will support you no matter what. She is forgetful and never seems to answer her phone so contacting can be difficult but when she does finally reply it is worth the wait. Elle is amazing, never let her go
Hi Elle (Sent 6 days ago)
Heya (30 Seconds ago)
by dirtyminded14yo May 14, 2018
Smart and pretty but yet can’t see it, is funny and kind and always thinks of others but can be a complete bitch if you hurt her, mess with Elle once, pass. Mess with Elle twice, watch out

She is one jack in the box
Girl: Elle he is looking at you

Elle: don’t lieblushes

Boy1: she hates me
Boy2: shame
by EMC200321 January 14, 2018
The female incarnation of intelligence, strength, and beauty. She is a tenacious, insightful problem-solver of all things. She has the mind of a mathematician and the heart of a poet. Most of all, she is a very thoughtful, loyal, and generous friend. She is fiercely independent, and has many people who care about her very much.
She's amazing -- she's Elle.
by Silly Goose, PhD August 2, 2016
A bootilishis sexy good kisser who all the boys fight over because they all want her;)))
Elle has the biggest booty in school and is a great kisser.
by Hellagirl September 26, 2018
Elle plays many sports and is very beautiful. She’s very careful with who she dates. She is loving and sweet but can get very annoyed at times. She usually has dark brown hair and has OCD.
Elle is super good at sports and is really pretty!
by kylie’s queen bacon April 23, 2019
The best person in the world. She's usually tall and dark haired, with a amazing legs and great tits. She's absolutely insane, and speaks at least three languages. She likes to pretend she's a ghetto and writes ridiculous songs. Any guy (or girl) would be lucky to have her - she's one of those rare people who loves you for who you are, and never talks about anyone behind their back. She likes to pretend she's not smart, and she doesn't seem to realize how gorgeous she is.
"Ohmygod who is that gorgeous girl speaking french?"
"That's elle"
by Serendipity990 April 10, 2013
A female name. Usually pronounced "Ell", but sometimes pronounced "Ellie". The name can also be a shortened version of names such as Eloise and Eleanor.
Andrew: Hey Elle!

Elle: Hi Andrew!
by aussie.elle May 26, 2008