A head doctor who gets paid to judge you. They love to make psycho babble comments to get you riled, then defend themselves with more psycho babble to make themselves sound more intelligent than they actually are. They like to afix imaginary disorders to people so they can write prescriptions for unnessesary meds.
She was seeing a psychiatrist for awhile, then decided she didn't like being judged for wanting to think for herself.
by LaDeena October 12, 2009
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(noun). A psychiatrist is a medical doctor (MD or DO, NOT a phd) who has graduated medical school and undergone at least 4 years of specialized training in mental illness and its treatment - be it pharmacological, therapeutic or otherwise.

A psychiatrist can practice in a hospital with very sick patients, or in an outpatient setting, such as a private practice or clinic.
I didn't believe the psychiatrist at first when he said that the electroconvulsive therapy would relieve grandma's long-standing depression. But I must say, we're extremely happy to have her back to her old self.
by Anasazi July 10, 2005
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The man ..you see. when you forget that his logic is non-sense.
compare with psyiatchrist
so, as a psychiatrist, you're saying that when I'm behaving normally my logic depends on a delicate balance of chemicals in the brain?
So when someone's balance of chemicals is unbalanced then you give them something that alters that balance.
So that means that when you take someone in for obervation for 30 days (UK) and imediately give them medication (which by definition alters the delicate balance of chemicals) before observing them for evidence of a mental health disorder, you are in fact condemning them without trial?
And without right to appeal, to a life of torture and humiliation,and of emasculation; a sentence for life.
by awarewolf January 24, 2009
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A modern-day version of a witch-hunter. In medieval times they used to burn recluses or anyone else they considered 'different' for being witches, werewolves or vampires. These days we have psychiatrists to put away people who are just trying to get on with their lives. They seem hell-bent on handing out drugs like they're sweets, probably because they have shares in the drug companies. Psychiatrists also make a fortune by finding excuses for thugs, murderers, rapists and thieves.
After a psychiatrist poked his nose into the case, a child-molester walked free today, free to carry out more heinous crimes. All because some white-coated confidence trickster, pound signs lighting up in his fish-like eyes, claimed the pervert's father wouldn't buy him a train set as a child and so he had been psychologically scarred.
by GSmith November 14, 2006
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A modern-day cultured witch doctor who administers drugs and other "cures" for mental conditions which more often than not only alleviate a patient's symptoms mildly or at the very worst damage and cause irreparable harm to their brains. Most seem to be nihilistic misanthropes who are primarily concerned with their paychecks and the daily quota of Big Pharma untested drugs they can sell to misinformed and desperate people. In privacy, many of them likely sacrifice kidnapped children to evil spirits which ensures the continuation of their rotten and dehumanizing stranglehold on the psyches of those who have often times been subjected to quite enough pain and suffering in their lifetimes. The entire "science" of psychiatry has dark ties to the elitist-backed philosophy of eugenics, which is obsessively focused on ridding the world of those people which are genetically "unfit" by the ruling classes' own godless standards. All around psychiatry is mostly a gigantic demonic sham and legal drug-pushing designed to rob willing victims of their money and remaining sanity and brain power.
Uninformed depressed person: "I'm seriously considering making an appointment with a local psychiatrist and getting on some antidepressants and maybe some electroshock therapy. This dark cloud just won't pass over me."

Informed friend: "Let that be your very last resort! A huge majority of the antidepressants contain fluoride compounds that basically anesthetize your brain and accumulate as toxins in your nerve tissue. Electroshock therapy literally damages your brain in order to "heal" it. Get better nutrition, more exercise, sunlight, clean air, rest, and love in your life first. Confide in a truly caring and well-trained therapist. Call me when you feel the need to chat! Avoid financially supporting the snake oil doctors at all costs!
by vegan87 September 13, 2011
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A fucked up person.
Someone who wants to kill you with drugs, ECT, et cetera. Doctors of death. Pedophiles.
You name it, they're pretty fucked up.
Shit! It's a psychiatrist. Where's my gun? He's gonna kill me!!
by PsychiatryPseudoScience November 21, 2009
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