"Anybody who goes to a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined." --Samuel Goldwyn
by nethcev! September 21, 2006
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Subhuman con-artists who specialize in deceiving the naive into believing the problems they have can be explained in pseudo-medical jargon, only to further the dangerously experimental agenda of the pharmaceutical industry, regularly profiting in direct correlation to how many of these drugs they can push onto the general public.
I've visited 6 different psychiatrists and received 6 completely different diagnoses, none of their "medications" or opinions helped in in any which way.
by Space Wrangler June 3, 2021
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The lowest form of life on earth. An asshole who gets paid, frequently by the state, to judge and label people, trying to convince them that all of their problems in life are due to some genetic disorder caused by a chemical imbalance (which is totally false), and not simply due to a maladaptive way of dealing with extreme stress, etc. Their main goal after labelling and pathologizing a patient-victim is to drug them with chemicals that actually work by CREATING chemical imbalances and damaging the brain. Furthermore, they cause severe withdrawal syndrome mimicking the supposed "illness", making it seem as though it is the "condition" returning. They totally fry the brain, and actually shrink it over time and basically make the person a vegetable, along with a litany of other disorders. A psychiatrist is someone who preys on the vulnerable, and asserts authority and poisons them to death, with drugs worse than crack. Basically on the same level as murderers, child molesters, and far worse than people who sell crack or heroin, since at least those drugs make you feel good, whereas psychiatric drugs give you a chemical lobotomy.
Dave: Chris is despairing of life and went to see a psychiatrist for help.
Tom: Holy shit! Tell him to do anything to get the FUCK away from him, and off those fucking drugs before his chemical lobotomy gives him permanent brain damage. Also tell him to just learn cognitive ways of dealing with his problems. That psychiatrist is a motherfucking asshole.

Dave: I went to see a psychiatrist yesterday, I was philosophizing about life, and it got me down. The psychiatrist said I had bipolar disorder and needed antipsychotics.
Tom: Don't listen to anything that asshole, or his staff said. Tell him to give those drugs to himself, his staff, his kids, and go back to his original job of being a glory hole employee.

Chris: I learned that psychiatrists are pathetic scum cocksuckers! Shrinks shrink your brain, and they suck dicks!
by Dissenter123 May 27, 2020
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The man ..you see. when you forget that his logic is non-sense.
compare with psyiatchrist
so, as a psychiatrist, you're saying that when I'm behaving normally my logic depends on a delicate balance of chemicals in the brain?
So when someone's balance of chemicals is unbalanced then you give them something that alters that balance.
So that means that when you take someone in for obervation for 30 days (UK) and imediately give them medication (which by definition alters the delicate balance of chemicals) before observing them for evidence of a mental health disorder, you are in fact condemning them without trial?
And without right to appeal, to a life of torture and humiliation,and of emasculation; a sentence for life.
by awarewolf January 25, 2009
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A modern-day cultured witch doctor who administers drugs and other "cures" for mental conditions which more often than not only alleviate a patient's symptoms mildly or at the very worst damage and cause irreparable harm to their brains. Most seem to be nihilistic misanthropes who are primarily concerned with their paychecks and the daily quota of Big Pharma untested drugs they can sell to misinformed and desperate people. In privacy, many of them likely sacrifice kidnapped children to evil spirits which ensures the continuation of their rotten and dehumanizing stranglehold on the psyches of those who have often times been subjected to quite enough pain and suffering in their lifetimes. The entire "science" of psychiatry has dark ties to the elitist-backed philosophy of eugenics, which is obsessively focused on ridding the world of those people which are genetically "unfit" by the ruling classes' own godless standards. All around psychiatry is mostly a gigantic demonic sham and legal drug-pushing designed to rob willing victims of their money and remaining sanity and brain power.
Uninformed depressed person: "I'm seriously considering making an appointment with a local psychiatrist and getting on some antidepressants and maybe some electroshock therapy. This dark cloud just won't pass over me."

Informed friend: "Let that be your very last resort! A huge majority of the antidepressants contain fluoride compounds that basically anesthetize your brain and accumulate as toxins in your nerve tissue. Electroshock therapy literally damages your brain in order to "heal" it. Get better nutrition, more exercise, sunlight, clean air, rest, and love in your life first. Confide in a truly caring and well-trained therapist. Call me when you feel the need to chat! Avoid financially supporting the snake oil doctors at all costs!
by vegan87 September 13, 2011
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A girl that gives great head, oral sex. She is known as a head doctor.
Man, That girl gives awesome BJ's, I swear she is a Psychiatrist.
by mystikkal December 18, 2009
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A medical doctor who diagnoses and treats mental illnesses. Informally referred to as a "shrink".
She was referred to a psychiatrist on account of her long-standing battle with depression.
by Doc_B April 14, 2015
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