May be used in place of "fuck you"
Used in conjunction with the Theory of Constraints concept for companies to sell a bad product and having time to bail.

30 days means to be fooled, purposely mislead. Sad or displeased because someone or something has failed to fulfill one's hopes or expectations, to have lost determination or confidence; dispirited after the 30 days because things are much worse than before.
I know things look really bad right now but give it 30 days and it will be awesome.
Hey man, its been 30 days and things are worse than before!
Oh you got to give it 30 more days.
by TOCsucks April 11, 2019
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What you get when you don't break any rules of an online forum, but a moderator/administrator doesn't like you.
eboggs_jkvl: "30 days! I'm tired of fucking around."
by Anonimouz August 9, 2007
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very good book that was reacently made into a movie. about vampires taking over a town in alaska and cutting them off from the rest of the world.
did you go see 30 days of night?
no man
you should have it was fukin kick ass
by the pi guy January 5, 2008
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(noun); a 30 day commitment to spam everyone's Facebook in an attempt to tell people useless details about your life for attention; a horrible disease spreading through Facebook; a stalker's best friend; (verb); To be unbelievably annoying.
Girl: "OMG!! 30 Day Challenge!!"
Girl: "Weelll... 30 Day Challenggeeee!!!"
Guy: *Facepalm*
by the way.. please stop.. March 1, 2011
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A cheap tactic used by shareware makers involving a limited- or full use- period of thirty (30) days in which you can find out if you actually want to use the product. Generally, software with a 30-day trial period is not worth downloading, although there are some exceptions.
"Did you see that thing on"
"Oh, you mean the Sea Turtles Paradise?"
"Yeah. It had a 5-day trial so it must be better than that other one that had a 30-day trial!"
"fo' shizzle my nizzle!"
by Kevin Smith April 17, 2004
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Philosophy pioneered by Danny that deals with crushes. If you have a crush, you have 30 days to do something about it. Whether it be a date, sex, or going out, something must be done in 30 days. If by the end of the 30 days no progress is made with you and your crush, you have to move on to the next one. There are also 10 and 15-Day trials, but for those to work, the crush must know you like them.
I hope my 30-day trial with that hot senior in yearbook works.
by Dan February 28, 2004
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June 30th, where everyone must pop a perc 30 or else every rapper that overdosed on percs will come in to your room at night and shove every hole of yours with perc 30’s and cause you to overdose.
Tina forgot to pop a perc 30 on national perc 30 day and her mom found her dead with percs in every crevice of her body.
by Perc 30 yeah aight June 1, 2019
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