The girl that sleeps with everyone and thinks she's important because its her birthday.
Pringles was gangbanged by a bunch of puertoricans yesterday.
by Mike C. October 28, 2003
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A nickname sometimes given to a man with an extremely large penis, similar in size to a can of Pringles snack chips.
Jill: "Why do they call him Pringles?"

Devonna: "Have you ever seen a Pringles can? (and I ain't talkin travel size!)

Jill: "Well, yes I have, why?"

Devonna: "Imagine that can.....only it's human penis."

Jill: "Oh dear......"
by uptogizza March 10, 2009
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When a colleague suggests to your boss that you will be willing to do extra works even though you have absolutley no intention of doing so.
Colleague: "I'm sure Bill wouldnt mind doing a few extra hours to help you out"
Boss: "Great Bill, that will be really helpful"
Bill: "Dammit Pringle!"
by has_been_pringled March 30, 2011
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Where the duckface originated from. They are potato chips that are often branded with a curly mustache dude. The flavors include original sour cream and onion, bbq, cheddar cheese, etc.
Hey man, want some pringles?
Yeah sure, those are the best chips ever. Did you know that you can make two pringles in your mouth look like a duck bill?
by Mystrangehaven October 20, 2011
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a really really nice person that does pretty much whatever they are told to do and would NEVER disobey the rules
Laura is a pringle. its getting freaking annoying! she doesnt know how to make a freaking mistake!
by BGandAN August 26, 2005
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