strongly hit
If you don’t quit, i’m gonna pop you!
by smd304 March 15, 2018
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The act of sticking ones penis into anothers asshole. First used by gay country star jeff stryker.
Yo bitch, im going to pop you in the pooper, then rub my bloody dick on your forehead.
by I.C. Weiner February 3, 2005
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To hit/slap a woman in the vagina.
Woman 1: You are so fucking annoying, can you please shut up?
Woman 2: Bitch, I will pop you in the muffin.
Woman 1: What does that mean?
Woman 2: I will fuking hit you in the vagina if you don't stop complaining, stupid slut.
by HollyHomicide July 23, 2014
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A phrase that a belligerent thug might spout off if you refuse to give up your supposed "drip"
A basic translation for confused individuals: "I'm going to shoot you in the gluteus maximus."
Thug: I'm finna pop you in the ass if you don't hand over that rolly
Contributing member of society: Please don't shoot me, kind sir!
by CreepyCooter January 9, 2022
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A term used in the game "Four Last Things", more than likely originating from the Renaissance era.
Used in the same way as off you go, something you say to someone just as they are about to walk away.

Not to be mistaken for pop you off
peasant one: i hear there is a good deal on breadcrumbs in the next alleyway-over!
peasant two: off you pop, then!
by sexy_piece_of_bread May 30, 2019
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