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by sara_fox17 September 22, 2018
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Sexual move involving the act of having sex with a condom made out of bubble wrap
Hey Roger let do the Pringle!

Once you pop you cant stop

by RectalDiamonds May 12, 2011
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one who does not do well under pressure; in dating, the party who always gives in
Ted was being a pringle when he ran away from the fight.
by bread infection October 09, 2005
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Really good chips with a concave shape. You can stack them, make the shape of a duck's bill on your mouth, or just pop 'em. It really doesn't matter which way you eat it.
Me: ay, u want some Pringles?
Roger Rabbit: hmm, i ain't tasted those before in a year!
Baku: whoa! those are cool! i'ma try some!

Werner Werman: hallo. lemme get zem Pringles, please.
Me: how about you guys and I eat the chips?

Yep. Once you pop, you can't stop.
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by MisterWhomstDVe October 03, 2019
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one of those snacks where you have to have a competition with your friends to see how many you can fit in your mouth and eat without spitting them out or gagging. Our current record at work is 19.
I could try to eat more pringles but the first competition has left my mouth like i've been chewing barbed wire.
by r browning March 26, 2008
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