349 definitions by bread infection

Why is he errerring?
by bread infection December 6, 2009
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a man or boy whose testis are nonfunctioning or have been removed.
Brian Holmes can't get his junk hard for Alison because he has a eunuch.
by bread infection October 25, 2005
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I hate my fackin life. YEA BOOYY I love gage!
by bread infection December 5, 2009
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a nickname that makes no sense where it came from your name.
Kari is a nickname for Catherine. Dick is for Richard. They’re both fadecoms.
by bread infection December 5, 2009
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a cyclops monkey that eats paint chips for entertainment. The females grow huge protruding butts to attract males.
Hi! I’m Steve Irwin and today we’re going after fadickles. You can buy them at a Wal-Mart near you!
by bread infection December 5, 2009
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to cum in a girls mouth and kick her in the stomach so it comes out her nose.
I just gave Ashley an angrydragon, it was so funny
by bread infection October 9, 2005
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That “anus” is huge!
by bread infection December 10, 2009
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