A somewhat euphimized(sp) word over the years.

It's an exclamation, ofcourse.
Include earlier versions:
god dang
gosh damn
dag nabbit
dead gummit
But they all are just a softer phrase for:
god damn(it)
by LarstaiT November 13, 2003
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1. A censored form of the curse: god damn it.
2. The most offensive exclamation to all of those under the Mormon faith.
3. Ordering the unknown religious figure, "gosh" to "dang" an object/person.
1. Gosh dang it, Daen!
2. "Oh, gosh dang it Nick! You knocked my caffeine-free soda all over three of my wives!"
3. "That cat did a nasty on my carpet again! Gosh dang it! Gosh dang it to heck!!!"
by danethebrain January 15, 2008
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