When someone has accidentally or purposely tried to penetrate your butt with a Pringles container or another initially innocent object, causing an awkward situation for all parties involved (although the Pringles liked it). Similarly there is "Pringle" (verb) - the act of Pringling someone.
Person 1: Did you hear? Lanny got Pringled by Lily in the supermarket.
Person 2: Yeah, I asked her to locate on the doll where the Pringles touched her.
Person 1: Lily claims it was an accident and she wasn't looking where she was going.
Person 2: Pfft, lies! She loves Pringling people. She threatened to Pringle me with her ruler the other day.
by Lily-R August 30, 2014
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A derivation of the word Prawned, which in itself is derived from Pwned, Owned etc, that was simply formed by changing the named edible body in the former with another edible body that began with 'Pr' and adding an 'ed' suffix

An extension of Pringled can be created to form Pringlage/Pringleage/Prin gelage depending on self-Grammatical preference. This is also in relation to Ownage/Pwnage and the similar likes.

Suggestive forms of 'Pringled' in relation to 'Pwned' statements cannot be included in the use of Nouns. Meaning the term "To Pringle" (To Pwn/Prawn) is wrong and not considered a form of 'Pringled'
"You just got Pringled" (as in "You just got Pwned/Owned")

Further examples can be found by simply switching the word Pwned (or simliar) from current phrases, sentences and statements with 'Pringled'
by Singore April 02, 2007
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When you slice the corners of your lips with a pringle or any other type of crisp.
Jim sat by the swimming pool eating some crisps. His lips were allready splitting at the corners. When he put the pringle in his mouth he sliced his allready cut lips with the pringle resulting in some pain. he was therefore 'pringled'
by mickalodean June 08, 2009
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when the front (or, less often, the back) wheel of a bike is bent, and therefore looks like a pringle. Usually the result of a crash.
Mike: *crash*
Frank: Gees!! Are you okay?!
Mike: yeah, but my front wheel's all pringled..
by ChipmunkOnKetamine July 10, 2008
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when two or more objects are stacked together vertically with curve.
"Wow, the three wise men from that capitol at Autun sure are pringled!"

Wife: Why do you always spoon with your buddies when you go camping?
Husband: It's not spooning, it's pringling! WE'RE CURVED! AND IT'S FOR WARMTH, OK?
by Gothic Monument November 09, 2010
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