pringles is a term used in Street fighter games. when a char blocks an attack,(mostly special), they in turn receive block, tick or CHIP damage, hence saying or describing the person as the brand name that produces them.
playing Marvel vs Capcom 2: uggggh..... u jes gonna lunch out and stay in the corner and block huh? over there just eatin chips. Hmm... OH you SO PRINGLES, WHERE YO CURLEY MUSTASHE AT?!?!

by Ivo roBotniK April 28, 2009
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a delectable yet salty snack often found in long tubes which can be used to amplify weak Wireless signals.
pringles are good

I use a pringle can to steal wireless internet
by ranova May 11, 2004
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official sponsor of the American Revolution, Lewis and Clark's exploration of the West, the Napoleonic regime and General Patton's asskickery
American Merchants: "England has prohibited ships from bringing tea into the colonies that is not from the East India Tea Company.
Continenal Congress: "Oh, that's a shame."
American Merchants: "There were also Pringles in that cargo."
Continental Congress: "WAR!"
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Chips in a tube? that's just CRAZY!
*proceeds to shove tube in mouth and eat chips* numnumnumnumnumnum
by Klayman June 22, 2005
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