An odd elliptical-shaped slightly salty potato-based racing driver responsible for the ruining of a race by a crash or punt or unsafe track rejoin onto the racing line in front of traffic.
Tim you bloody pringle, check your mirrors and hold your brake until its safe to join next time mate.
Daniel you pringle give other cars space when going 2 wide in the chase.
by Moose17m September 29, 2020
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When one is classified as a pringle, he/she is considered, cool, full of flavour and everytime people see you, they get a melty feeling in their mouths.
Hey man, that guy is such a pringle.
OMG hes so hot and pringley!
by Jerikoa May 11, 2013
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To completely snake something or someone.
I slithered on in there and Pringled everything I could.
by The Pringle November 8, 2015
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a friend of the opposite gender who you would never date but you can joke around with
Omg you guys are great Pringles.
by Heyy😑guyz May 11, 2015
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When a colleague suggests to your boss that you will be willing to do extra works even though you have absolutley no intention of doing so.
Colleague: "I'm sure Bill wouldnt mind doing a few extra hours to help you out"
Boss: "Great Bill, that will be really helpful"
Bill: "Dammit Pringle!"
by has_been_pringled March 30, 2011
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He's so Pringle about software, teddy bears and guns.
by JessicaQ February 4, 2008
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