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A game played by children using their imaginations in the absence of material games. Contrary to popular belief, Pretend came before role-playing games, fucker.
Pretend is awesome because you can do anything you want.
by T Hizzle May 02, 2005
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What you have to do around people you despise. Alcohol helps.
Greg "So your going to that meeting in a couple of days, Yeah?"

Ben "Yeah. I have to drive 35 minutes out of town just to play pretend."

Greg "Ouch. That sucks."

Ben "Yeah. Whatever. They know what they did and they know my contempt for them is justified but they are not sorry or willing to acknowledge any wrong doing."
by Hym Iam September 03, 2018
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To pay for an item or service in advance
The new I-phone would be in such high demand that Bob went to the I-store ahead of the release date to pretend.
by lisa_urban May 17, 2008
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pre·tned Audio pronunciation of "pretned" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (prt-ned)
v. pre·tned·end, pre·tned·ning, pre·tnedzor
v. tr.
1. To give a false appearance of (in l33t); feign: You had to pretned you w3rn't a reral n00b
2. To claim or allege insincerely or falsely (in l33t); prof3ss: doesn't pretned t0 be l33t.
3. To represent not reral in play (in l33t); make believe: pretneded they were settin' up da bomb.
4. To take upon oneself (in l33t); venture: I cannot pretned t0 say that you sux0r.
by annonomysss December 12, 2004
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