An amazing person. A truthful person. A person with good taste. A beautiful person. A smart person. A person that is smart and has good style. A person who smiles a lot and loves to laugh and have a great time. A kind person but has an attitude when needed.
by Laura sean November 05, 2016
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The quality of telling the truth consistantly.

Also quality that most people seem to be missing these days.
Girl: Yeah I'm 18...
Boy: Oh well in that case, I love you.

A sincere moment of honesty there.
by LOLasaurus Rex September 02, 2010
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a moral/philosophical quality that you can't buy at the local Walmart
even if a person is taught from childhood what honesty is, yet doesn't exhibit it, they will probably never be considered an honest person.
by sexydimma February 25, 2015
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to lie repetedly
yes officer i am over 21.
Of course I love you baby
by Killmode July 07, 2003
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Most amazing girl anyone could ever ask for. She has a nice personality and a great sense of kindness. Honesti is a girl who can your lover friend and soulmate all at the same time. She had a bubbly personality. Doesn't like new people. She is a shy person at times when shes around someone she like. Clumsy most of the time. Sexually attractive has book and streets smarts and its a freak in bed. Honesti is known for a nice body and a big booty. Her smile can light up a dark room and her eye will make you fall in love with her soul. Honesti is the freak in the sheet.
C'mon Honesti be honest with what you're actully sayong here.
by Bubblepoper March 13, 2018
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pretty girl who is smart and nice to her best friends and people she does not know and sometime clumsy and mean if you mess with her and her best friends and will break your heart if you break her best friend heart.
by its a name January 31, 2017
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