An amazing person. A truthful person. A person with good taste. A beautiful person. A smart person. A person that is smart and has good style. A person who smiles a lot and loves to laugh and have a great time. A kind person but has an attitude when needed.
by Laura sean November 5, 2016
The quality of telling the truth consistantly.

Also quality that most people seem to be missing these days.
Girl: Yeah I'm 18...
Boy: Oh well in that case, I love you.

A sincere moment of honesty there.
by LOLasaurus Rex September 2, 2010
a moral/philosophical quality that you can't buy at the local Walmart
even if a person is taught from childhood what honesty is, yet doesn't exhibit it, they will probably never be considered an honest person.
by Sexydimma February 26, 2015
no problem
I can deal with it
I just have to speed up if you don't mind
because i want clearance

in everything
Let me solve a potential misunderstanding
not pressuring anyone to do as i wish
but to grant me the honesty i deserve
the rest is my business
by Bad Translator September 20, 2019
Im just trying to bring us back aka forward
It feels like hanging from a rope
I deserve all your honesty
by Bad Translator July 24, 2019
to lie repetedly
yes officer i am over 21.
Of course I love you baby
by Killmode July 7, 2003