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The most amazing guy you will ever meet. If you find yourself a Zac then you know you’re in luck because he has all the best qualities. He is everything you could ask for in a friend and more. This guy has the greatest personality and is an all round fun person to be around. He will make you laugh and keep you entertained for hours. If you’re wanting someone you could spend all night talking to then Zac is your man. He is the sweetest, most caring boy out there who will look out for you and make you feel good. Talking to him is guaranteed to make you happy. Zac is a very good looking boy with dreamy blue eyes and strong muscles that will beat you in an arm wrestle. Zacs are precious so if you find one, make sure you hug them tight.
Why is she so happy? She found a Zac.
by big gail August 20, 2020
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Beautiful, intelligent and sexy male, known for their genius and good looks.
by Myxlptlk February 14, 2008
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The most amazing guy ever, who always makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the world and never loses sight of why he fell in love with you. He's extremely funny, sweet and super handsome. He is an incredible kisser and his hugs are magical. He is not only your boyfriend, but your best friend. He is the guy you want to wake up next to every morning; the guy you want to spend your life with and the best boyfriend ever.
My boyfriend Zac is the best boyfriend ever and everyday I fall in love all over again.
by vllybll11 November 25, 2011
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A sweet, good-hearted guy, who is a really good friend. VERY weird and always makes things interesting. He's kind of a bad influence...but hey....who isnt?Zac loves his friends, and would do anything for them. he's awesome and unpredictable.
who's that?
lucky you:)
by chicablanca89 July 04, 2010
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a sexy beast that is so good looking and FLIRTY
he is legit sexy he looks like a god

btw he is hot
if he flirts with grateful
'omg i just hooked up with that guy! he was such a good kisser and so gorgeous"
by we'regoingatittonight October 01, 2011
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The bestest friend you can ever have. He is caring and kind and you can tell him anything and he will help you or except you :). He is the best friend everyone wants.
by Jared21 August 19, 2011
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an amazingly sweet guy who you will fall in love with. A guy that you cannot leave behind because of his good looks and outstanding personality.
have you seen zac? yeah hes pretty bangin!
by hgfj November 14, 2011
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