specifically, my flatmates
That bunch of cunts just don't give a fuck
by vicki February 10, 2005
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A bunch of cunts is the official term for a collective of cunts as laid down by Dave McBaillie in the Urdu Blue before storming out like a big Scottish girl.
"Right, I'm off you bunch of cunts!"

(Throws money on table and storms off in a kilt)
by Not Half Scottish June 5, 2014
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The attendees of a Brexit Party Rally.
Don't go to Norwich today, there's a bunch of cunts near the cathedral.
by Netkat September 3, 2019
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I swear to god if I see another inside joke or someone slagging someone off on this website I'm going to flip fucking shit. Not to mention the little wankers who think its funny to put their name with the description: funny or big dick or even most beautiful girl.
by Stopthisshit October 21, 2013
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