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a term used to discribe the apperance/personality and overall character of a sterotype british person
There are way to many pommy dickheads in this place
by The Gunslinger April 04, 2004
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Comes from the acronym POM meaning "Prisoner Of her Majesty"

Derogatory term.

But funny.
Ag man, typical Pommy
by Hughmondo September 24, 2006
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One who looks to be of British hertiage. The term is Austalian in origin. See pom.
Person 1: Where do you think this guy is from?
Person 2: I'm not sure, but he looks kinda pommy.
by State of Miffment August 12, 2005
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Man, don't bother going to Byron Bay. The place is overrun by pommmy tourists.
by zachwolff October 15, 2003
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Supposedly comes from People of her majesty the Queen.
Meaning English people living in Britain
Here come the pommies
by Taryn April 16, 2004
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Low life bags of shit from the UK.
Mostly travel in packs of backpackers and drink beer untilt hey spew in the gutter. They never bathe and have foul potty language and are tightasses - favourite foods beer and curry.
by Comatose March 25, 2004
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