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1. a swine
2. derogatory term for a police officer
3. a person who eats excessively
4. a capitalist
5. the meat of a pig, pork
6. an insensitive male, a male chauvinist
7. a fat person
1. My grandpa raises pigs.
2. So then Ian started talking shit to the pigs.
3. He ate the whole pie! What a pig!
4. When the revolution comes the pigs are going to get it.
5. Naw, I don't eat pig.
6. He was staring at my tits the whole time. What a pig!
7. Look at that disgusting pig; he must weigh 400 pounds.
by zachwolff October 15, 2003
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1. 36 inch bust, 24 inch waist, 36 inch hips. More generally, big tits, skinny waist, big hips.
1. What a body, 36-24-36.
by zachwolff October 15, 2003
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A group of people linked in a cosmically significant manner, even when superficial linkages are not evident. Created by Kurt Vonnegut.
When I met Thomas, I quickly got the feeling that he was part of my karass.
by zachwolff October 20, 2003
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A politico-economic system in which most power is held by large corporations, often mistakenly called capitalism. This is the current governing system of most of the world.
Man, that ain't capitalism. Look at all advantages the big multinationals get. Subsidies and all that shit. They write the laws. What you got is some motherfucking corporatism.
by zachwolff October 16, 2003
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(of beer) gone bad
Bleh, this shit is skunked, how long's it been in your garage?
by zachwolff October 15, 2003
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Well, we were doing Bolivian marching powder all night, and one thing led to another . . .
by zachwolff October 15, 2003
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A game played to practice basketball. One player attempts a shot. If the shot is successful, the other player must make the same shot in only one attempt, or gain one letter (HORSE). First one to spell "HORSE" loses.
Mom: What did you do after school today?

Zach: Just played a few games of horse with Ryan.
by zachwolff October 15, 2003
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