Observational apperance discusses previous reverence employing irreverent language use as means deliverance as cultural connotations make possible brotherhood underlying harmonies understood towards a greater good.
by Hercolena Oliver June 15, 2010
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Clothing or sumthing you wear.
My new shirt was bought at an apperal store.
by Jordanna Spring August 2, 2006
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assignment given out to students in high school or college usually involving writing on a topic for multiple pages. Appers commonly require either research or analysis of a topic, though some are expository, requiring the student's opinion on a topic. An apper includes a thesis statement, introduction and conclusion, and body paragraphs. An apper commonly has a works cited page which lists sources used for the apper. Common classes to assign appers are: english, history, languages, literature, social studies, and some other electives. Appers are not to be confused with their shorter counterparts, essays.
The teacher assigned a 10 page long apper to his students over vacation requiring them to analyze gender analysis in Macbeth.

The research apper for the freshman class had to be written on controversial issues and had to include at least 5 sources.
by appermaster March 14, 2010
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To appear before someone via means of teleportaion
Doc. Brown apperated before Marty McFly in his time-traveling DeLorean

The ghost apperated before them all, begging for revenge

The man had apperated from a parallel universe
by Mr.Reebo November 10, 2011
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One who pathologically downloads shit loads of smartphone apps all the fucking time
Hana is a mad apper
by robbierascal84 November 6, 2014
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An individual who spits bars with high feelings
The G, be spitting like Eminem, the real apper.
by LrBt December 30, 2019
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