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1)A group of people who sing together. They are often divided into several main voice parts including: sophranos, altos, tenors, and basses. In addition, these may vary according to the nature of the choir. A men's choir might have a full range of parts including tenor, baritone, and bass, while a woman's choir might have 1st and 2nd sophranos, contraltos, and/or altos. A mixed choir usually has some combination of both. There are also show choirs, who usually do choreographed dance moves to add flair to their singing. Gospel choirs are usually found in churches, as are regular church choirs.
2) In a high school setting, choir is a sometimes overlooked class or activity. True choir lovers can usually be identified by the way they randomly break out singing anywhere, anytime. There are sometimes even section stereotypes, just as in band: sophranos are ditzy, altos are just jealous of the sophranos, etc. Choirs can often be spotted wearing rather dorky but cool choir robes.
1) A choir sang at the church ceremony.
2) I went to choir class and sang my heart out.
by killerfiller December 04, 2005
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A group of the most talented students in the entire school. Students in choir travel in packs and can often be found fraternizing with band kids. Choir is no time for socializing, although there are choir social events to be attended. For students in choir, practical jokes are asking the director the director things like "was my B flat in tune?" when they have had no B flat in the entire song. The highlight of the choral year is the musical, where students practice three months to perform five shows.
Did you know Bob is in choir?
Yes, he's the lead in the musical!
WOW... <bows to Bob and kisses his feet.>
by FiveOctaveRange November 04, 2009
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short for "you're preaching to the choir"

1. Acknowledgement with complete agreement. See also "sayin'" or "given."
2. Agreement, but as a response where one is dumbfounded or shocked that another party didn't think there would be agreement.
"Dude, is she fly or what?"


"So I'm completely jonzin' on this cheeseburger and its fanciness."
by MC Haystack November 24, 2005
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