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Crazy hot girl. Beautiful, smart and funny; Lori posesses atributes absent in 99.9% of women. Truly a lucky find. Plus she rocks.
Yooooooooo Lori is so hot,... damn.
by ED February 16, 2005
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The Most wonderful person in the World. Kind, Sweet, Loving, Caring, Gentle. Perfect in Every ways. The one you love for all your life.
You are my Lori, My Angel
by Guardian Almasy January 04, 2005
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Loyal, caring, creative. Always the best listener she will always give you sound advice, but has often been guilty of not taking her own good advice. Not quick to trust or open up to new people, but once she let's you into her heart, you will always have a place there provided you don't screw it up. Loves to laugh even though stress rules her life. She loves to love and be loved in return. She always tries to be nice, but you will find yourself out of her good graces if you just assume her name is spelled "Laurie" or some other variation.
Lori is nice until you piss her off.
by the tart January 13, 2012
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loyal, honest, loving woman with a heart of gold. A very forgiving person. She will fool you though. She may seem like she is clueless, but she is on to everything therefore she is a very hard person to surprise. Loves humor and laughing.
Honest humor forgiving Lori}
by Bilotheman February 04, 2010
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A wild-haired, smart, down to earth goofball. Loves Teh Kittehs.
Who couldn't use a Lori in her life to make her laugh and help her see sense?
by ohbutmeow February 03, 2010
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A Pretty young gal who doesn't realize what she is missing.Tends to flirt on every occasion
Lori is like a drug, can't live without her
by alec98787 November 10, 2008
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The most wonderful drug in the world, better know as Hydrocodone or lortab. taking the pill may cause a sense of euphoria, and well being.
"Have you seen lori lately"
by Benjammin420 September 27, 2006
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