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Supposedly comes from People of her majesty the Queen.
Meaning English people living in Britain
Here come the pommies
by Taryn April 16, 2004
a gender specific walk led by the penal region, often appears that the walker is being pulled by his penis toward others.
Dude, John Doe was doing the penis walk all day today! Do you think he needs to get some?
by Taryn November 20, 2003
A person who has participated in anal sex so many times that their anus no longer closes back up afterwards, and therefore resembles a tunnel.
I don't know if I want to have anal sex anymore because I'm afraid of becoming a tunnel butt slut.
by Taryn June 4, 2004
A person who has taken part in the annual Craterheads mountain bike ride in British Columbia. This event began at Crater Mountain in 1988 and has continued at various locations across the province since then. The name comes both from the original location of the ride and from a reference to the fact that participants in this ride have less than average intelligence, as exemplified by their willingness to participate in such a ride.
1. Allan is such a craterhead - he goes on this ride every year.
2. Where is the Craterheads ride this year? I think it's at Placer Mountain.
by Taryn June 10, 2004
uber sexy ass westernsuburbs hick that loves fords and his monthly eyebrow wax by his best friend taryn
uber sexy juzzy with a gorgeous personality
by Taryn March 17, 2004