The shortend version of pissed off used by school children to avoide getting in trouble, or to help make a conversation short.
Boy 1: So i told him, "I dont want to see your glitter crayons you po me."

Boy 2: Wow, dude. you are so BA.
by Clint..... January 29, 2010
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PROBATION OFFICER. Just about the coolest job anyone could ever have. They give you a cool badge that got me out of a speeding ticket on more than one occasion. Juvenile Probation is the best, you get to yell at punk ass kids all day long. So what if they threaten to kill us, it's all in good fun! We ride around the city all day and witness junkies sitting on their front steps smoking crack and wangsters smoking weed. People duck away from us when we ride by, like we care if they kill themselves slowly. We don't have to carry a gun, and if the kids run away from us we don't have to chase them. Best of all, everyone thinks you are a law-abiding citizen b/c you are a P.O. What a bunch of dumb-asses.
Officer: "Do you know why I pulled you over?"
P.O. "I am a Probation Officer"..
Officer: "have a good day.."
by JDUBB717 December 13, 2005
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(verb) 01. Po' is the elegant term for poor.
02. What poor people say when they are poor.
03. Short term for poo. When you have go to badly.
Race Race : My family is very Po'.
Paco Taco: No shit. You have dinero.
Race Race: no we are some po' folk in diego.
Pace Taco: huh? oh i thought that you said Mo'
by Brennie January 14, 2006
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1) River in Italy
2) The red Teletubby who rides a scooter and is somewhat smaller than the others. Has a circle antenea and isn't gay unlike Tinky Winky.
So there I was, sailing down the River Po...

Person: Yo, Po, what up?
Po: Thats word, uh-oh!
by James - sexy beast June 07, 2004
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