The sound given off by green, Italian dinosaurs in musical cartoons
Dino1 - "Pa da ta ta da taa, da da, pa da ta ta da ta..."
Dino2 - "Yee!"
by Hairybiker69 March 16, 2015
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Another way of saying "yes"
"Dude you wanna play some Halo 3 tonight?" "Yee!"
by GrandLastShadow January 13, 2016
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"Yee" is a term believed to have originated from early tribal languages. These tribes, or "Mem Squadz," as sacredly deemed, would use the term "yee" in ritual ceremonies. It was believed that repeatedly using the holy term while christening Roblox lego sets en masse would summon a sacred being--known as "Super Minecraft Kid."
Paul: So I've been studying tribal ceremonies for my latest book, and I've noticed a lot of the word "yee." Do you have any experience with this term?

Paul, who was a devoted Mem Squadr, gasped.
by PizzaGoblin August 8, 2017
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You say Yee if you're hella hyped off what you do..For instance, IN THE BAY AREA! It's poppin pills of the block, it's like you're hella hot off something you're not even on.
"I'm in the buildin and I'm feelin like YEEEE!"
by justin tolentino October 20, 2005
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dad:hope do you want a new bike
by Papper egale February 4, 2019
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Yee started in Richmond,Ca. In a project called J.F.K Manor.Yee was when you yelled out when rollas come.Now everbody just yells it to call on someone they see or to get hyphy.

Hustler: making a transaction with a fein.
Police patroling.
Look out person: "YEE YEE YEE"
Police comes around the block. Yo boy on the block hustlin. Just yell YEE YEE. Everybody disappears. That's how the word YEE really started. One of Mac Dre' old mixtape,a cassette, in aorund 96. He said "Yee to the niggas in the manor/to Alabama. Givin a shout out to the Manor folks.
by Manor Boyz October 26, 2006
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hyphy for yes. a word that only people from nor cal can use
ay bruh you from the bay

by suggadaddy21 July 28, 2010
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