An alternative title for referring to Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema.
That Poes Malema stole millions from VBS Bank.
Julius Malema is a Poes.
Julius Malema isn't a fighter or a Gucci revolutionary; he's merely a Poes.
by Mbuyiseni Ndlozi September 12, 2019
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Poes, 'noun' (pronounced pŏŏs, poo-s, or p-uss) is a South African slang term used most commonly in the Western Cape region.

It's place of origin has not yet been recorded.

Meaning cunt or pussy, it is typically considered a foul word as it is often used to refer to or describe something with great disgust.

It can be used as to refer to something or someone in an impolite manner.

It's most common usage is in reference to someone else's mother.
In reference to someone else's mother:

Jou ma se poes (literally- your mother's cunt)

In reference to someone distastefully:

Joe: Tony, you watch Dr. Phil last night?
Tony: That poes never knows what he's talking about.

In reference to an inanimate object with distaste:

Joe: Get out and push, Tony.
Tony: This car's poes, man.

by EZMickey January 18, 2009
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Origin - Afrikaans
Meaning - "Pussy" or "Vagina"
Come now, dont be a poes.
by Beardly in Africa February 17, 2017
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Often used to describe a complete asshole or to describe how terrible something is.
Why do you have to act like a fucking poes!
You are a poes for what you did.

That movie was poes.
by Taken for a Poes March 4, 2019
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Another word for female genitalia. Usually used to describe someone in an unsavory and vulgar manner. Also a form of greeting amongst South African Youth.
"Jy is n Poes." or "Why you acting like a Poes."
In the form of a greeting: "Awe, jou poes."
by Manny2197 May 18, 2021
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South African Afrikaans word meaning pussy. Particularly good for describing one who is being obtuse, irritating or stupid.
I smacked that poes with a plank!
by Snappie August 7, 2008
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Its a Afrikaans word for saying you're a piece of shit. Or it is to say you are going to hurt someone, poes will then be the verb.
You are a poes man!
Im going to poes you into another dimension.
by some afrikaans guy April 20, 2021
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