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A guy who drives a ship and yells "yo dude gimme your money and stuff" and gets whatever he wants. Usually has a stash or rum for some reason.
Bill: Dude did you see that one movie with the pirate?
Dale: Yeah, he looked like the alcoholic dude that lives down the block.
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by AsheIsALoser1 November 10, 2018
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The Pirate is an oft misunderstood individual who can be seen absolutely pwning everyone around him/her. Well versed in the arts of cheekiness, deceit, extortion(sp), theft, blackmail, smarmery, and crazy acrobatic sword and or knife fighting. The pirate always lands on his feet, and always wins, even when you think not. naturally hates the ninja, as ninjas are overated far too serious for their own good.
the most 31337 p1r4735 sometimes join the ranks of the mysterious Shadow Pirates.
ninja:ha! i have found you! now i shall avenge my family's honor!
pirate:psshh. piss off fuckface. yer mum liked it.
ninja: how dare you! devil! now you DIE!!
pirate: well, you are a sensitive boy aren't you? -proceeds to taunt ninja untill ninja rushes forward in a rage, trips ninja and takes his shoes and his wallet-
ninja: i will find you.....
pirate: bring yer sister. -walks away whistling-
by LeBryce The Red August 01, 2005
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1. One who drinks rum, get angry, and stab things.
2. A sailing criminal who, sails on a ship, steals from other ships, lives without any law:only a set of morals, survives on goods stolen from other ships/ports.
1. "Yeah, he got mad, grabbed a large kitchen knife and killed those stuffed animals."
2. See such movies as Hook, Peter Pan, or Pirates of the Caribbean.
by Levi Light September 22, 2005
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Pirates are a sea fearing folk, oft to be seen pilaging, raping, murdering, or commiting other acts of piracy. They usually own a monkey, parrot, or sexy wench.
Yo, did you see those pirates totally kick ninja ass? Sweet.
by Charlotte January 01, 2004
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An adult movie made in 2006 by digital playhouse and adam&eve production company. It has Jesse Jane, Carman Luvana, Evan Stone and my favorite... Janine. Followed up by a secound movie... that sucked. Used in as a word as a high quality porn or a high class porn or even as a adj. discribing an actress who is "whorie" but has good acting skills...
Angelia Jolie is pirates material, for sure...

wife:"Where you watching porn again?"
husband:" No, i was watching pirates"
by Knight_crawler February 06, 2010
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