Big dick. Bryan has a huge fucking dick.
Emily: Did you hear about Bryan? He dicked that girl down so good she had twelve orgasms!

Sam: yeah! He has a huge dick!
by Mod1954 May 14, 2019
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The kind of guy that can turn your worst day into your best day. The kind of guy that will be there for you no matter how big or small the situation. He's quiet, extremely smart, fun, and most of all he's the sweetest person you could ever meet. Looking at him will make your heart melt, holding his hand or hugging him will make you feel like the happiest person in the world, and kissing him is just pure heavenly bliss.
I love you Bryan.
by Reeseslover June 21, 2012
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Bryan is one who has perfected many traits most struggle to even wrap their minds around. This individual will posses a tenacious level of attention to detail. The kind of guy to walk into a room and notice even the smallest of details. These individuals will also posses an uncanny ability to understand the mechanical workings of an almost limitless array of objects, devices, ideas and theories. Bryans are also known for their baffling ability to see good in people. Often viewed to be too forgiving they are vulnerable to being walked on. However if you invoke the wrath of a Bryan, it will not be a matter easily forgotten. Upon the release of anger that only a Bryan can bear inside you will swear the ground is shaking, the earth is going to rip open and swallow you in a fiery river of molten lava and just before you burn to death, he will dump you into the salty Red Sea to slowly drown in your guilt and regret. But up till that line is crossed and the anger spills forth Bryans will be the most loving, understanding and forgiving people you will ever meet.
Co-worker: This computer is broken. It wont do anything. I have tried everything.

Bryan: *reaches forth touching the CPU*

-after a brief moment -

Co-worker: Holy crap, this thing is running faster then a supercomputer!

Bryan: *grins*
by Avon Park February 6, 2010
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The coolest, sweetest, most amazing person you will ever know. He's the kind of guy who will see you frowning across campus and come over to tell you that you're beautiful. The kind of guy who hold your hair away from your face when you're drunk and vomiting. He's the kind of guy who will always be there to cheer you on from the sidelines, at every single game.

He is very good looking, blonde hair and dimples. He is athletic and loves his sports.

Lots of girls like him, and lots of girls date him. He's a bit of a player. But he's never as kind to those girls as he is to you, his best childhood girl friend.

Bryan has never considered the fact that you may love him. To him you are just a best friend. Maybe deep down he knows that you're the one for him, but for the moment he's content with how it is. He'll stick his arm around you casually while you're walking, and kiss your forehead, but never as a date, it often just sort of happens. Oftentimes he'll confide to you about his girlfriend problems and who he thinks is cute. Don't take it personally; he likely doesn't realize how much it pains you.

Bryan is simply the best person you could be friends with. He may cause some heartbreak, but he is an honest person who loves you and would go to the ends of the earth for you.
-Hey did you hang out with Bryan last night?
--Yeah! It was so fun! We played Just Dance and went to Sonic! :D
-Sounds awesome!
--He is(:
by isitlove? July 6, 2011
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Bryans are lovely but peculiar. They make you think about how great you are, but then you may never see them again. They are probably super smart bc they tend to have hard jobs, but overall they are probably nice. They are, for a fact, hilarious. That is one thing you can count on. You also may start to think they are stalking you, just bc they make you feel so special.
"Hey, I met Bryan like, 2 months ago, and I still can't stop thinking about him." -girl 1

"Yeah, that's because he's so great he makes you feel like the entire world is looking at you." -girl 2

"Oh, ok. Cool." -girl 1
by Thisissssdumb October 11, 2014
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Bryan is a one of a kind guy. You can't find anyone better than him and you will never wanna cause he's perfect!!! He's so hot and sweet and funny! Not to mention loving! All the girls want him but he'd drop anyone of them just to be with the girl he loves. He's an amazing football player and singer! He'd do anything for you!
Bryan is the sweetest guy in the world!!!
by BOtt'sgirl December 3, 2014
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The most amazing guy any girl could ask for, he's funny, nice, sweet, and will love you untill the sun burns out. Hes pretty much someone you would be lucky to know.
Bryan: You are so amazing i will love you untill the sun burns out and the stars die out.

Girl:AWWWW Bryan! You are so sweet.

Bryan: I try (hahaha)
by sunshineeee20<3 March 4, 2009
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