High standards. Beautiful or handsome. They type of person who is very friendly. Can be a bitch tho. Friends with many. A lot of people get jealous of a Granada. Very successful and determined. Fashionista. Music junke. Awkwardly funny. The best.
Boy number 1: "Oh she's a bad bitch."
Boy number 2: "No dawg, shes a Granada."
by mr.cooldoe May 1, 2011
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Stuck up, bitchy, “straight but willing to experiment”, rich, slut princesses (with the exception of the minority of genuine people) and many of the guys are self-centered egotistical testosterone filled jackasses with their heads shoved so far up their asses they can’t see anymore and can go fuck the horses they rode in on twice because they are chauvinistic, condescending, patronizing, manipulitive, imbroglio-causing, mannerless, naïve, pricks with no respect and it is disgusting how they treat women and think so highly of themselves…then again the way many of the girls around here act, they probably deserve it, if they’re not totally provoking them.

Many people use fake addresses to get into Granada High, a whack school filled with white people and asians.
"What school do you go to?"
::disgusted looks::
by Raul51490 January 4, 2007
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N. a brown rye chip found in a chex mix bag
V. the act of almost getting hit by a tennis ball when playing wall ball or tennis
Chili: "Don't be granada!"
Didi: "shut up!"
by Chili May 21, 2004
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A city in Southern California where you can walk the streets safely but are still be able to score a bag of dope in 15 minutes. The neighborhoods are really nice and the houses are even better. It's multicultural and the people are really nice, but once you reach north of Rinaldi St. you run into the bitchest teens in the SFV. The teens that reside here are the most notorious individuals that are enrolled at Granada High and Alemany. The think they're "off the chain" because they do E and party when they're parents are on vacation but come to realize, in college, that they are completely retarded and end up dropping out. South of Rinaldi St. the teens are wholesome independent people who resent the douches to the north.
Teen North of Rinaldi: "Hey insert girls name here, if you buy a channel purse and give insert guys name here a blow job, I'll invite you to do E at my house with all the cool party people."

Teen South of Rinaldi: "That's okay, I'm not really feeling like frying my brain cells or catching a venereal disease tonight. Thanks anyway."

Teen North of Rinaldi: "OMG! you totally give Granada Hills a bad name! Lates."
by jjustinn May 18, 2010
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A City located in the San Fernando Valley. My favorite city in fact. It is right next to Porter Ranch, Northridge & Chatsworth. And it has the best top school in the valley Granada Hills Charter High School. The homes in Granada are mainly large pool homes. Closer to Balboa, and Porter Ranch feature more wealthy rich, high dollar homes, where as on the other side has your typical middle class home. Granada Hills is a desirable neighborhood with access to everything you need in 4 minutes you are right by CSUN, and in 6 minutes you can go to the Northridge Mall, or the Porter Ranch shopping center. I love Granada Hills and I'm tired of living in West Hills, i can't wait to move to GH this summer.
Me : Where Do You Live?

Friend : Granada Hills.

Me : Lucky!!! I live in crappy West Hills.
by cantuchthis May 1, 2011
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Colegio Nueva Granada is U.S oriented private school located in the city of Bogota.

The school is perhaps the most expensive of all private schools in Bogota because of it's prestigious reputation.

Tuition fees range from 10.000 USD a year.

All Classes are taught in english except for Colombian Social Studies and Spanish.

The school mainly consists of wealthy Colombian children from Bogota's upper crust. In general they're spoiled, and who could blame them?

Also there are a fair amount of international students from different countries,most of them U.S Corporate children or Asians.

The school prides itself on being entirely Bilingual.
Mom: "Well Jhon we're moving to Colombia!"
Mike: "What?"

Mom: "don't act like you didn't know, you've known for months"
Mike: "Yeah..but what about school?"
Mom: "I've got that under control, you'll be attending Colegio Nueva Granada"
Mike:"CNG?" "Is that like a private school?"

Mom:"Well almost,it's just like public school here in Delaware, the difference is that it's located at the top of a mountain!"
by Purion August 2, 2011
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A collection of emojis used in place of words; the only means of communication other than clicking for Sir Clickmilo aka miloman, crackmilo, crapmilo, ladiezman, Lbino , milomilo, obando, cumiloh, and cashmilo.
Normal person: hey man you think you can cover my shift?

Sir clickmilo: 🤔🧐🧐 😱😱😱
Normal person: ?

Sir clickmilo: 👌🏻👍🏻🤤😅😁😏😎🐜🤬😡😂🤤🤔🧐
Person listening in on convo: shit that man just used every emoji in The Granada collection!
by Cum1L0h!!!! July 29, 2019
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