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High standards. Beautiful or handsome. They type of person who is very friendly. Can be a bitch tho. Friends with many. A lot of people get jealous of a Granada. Very successful and determined. Fashionista. Music junke. Awkwardly funny. The best.
Boy number 1: "Oh she's a bad bitch."
Boy number 2: "No dawg, shes a Granada."
by mr.cooldoe May 01, 2011
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Stuck up, bitchy, “straight but willing to experiment”, rich, slut princesses (with the exception of the minority of genuine people) and many of the guys are self-centered egotistical testosterone filled jackasses with their heads shoved so far up their asses they can’t see anymore and can go fuck the horses they rode in on twice because they are chauvinistic, condescending, patronizing, manipulitive, imbroglio-causing, mannerless, naïve, pricks with no respect and it is disgusting how they treat women and think so highly of themselves…then again the way many of the girls around here act, they probably deserve it, if they’re not totally provoking them.

Many people use fake addresses to get into Granada High, a whack school filled with white people and asians.
"What school do you go to?"
::disgusted looks::
by Raul51490 January 04, 2007
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N. a brown rye chip found in a chex mix bag
V. the act of almost getting hit by a tennis ball when playing wall ball or tennis
Chili: "Don't be granada!"
Didi: "shut up!"
by Chili May 20, 2004
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