Baarrree safe mc-er from london. Fit as. Phat old songs for example...
Fix up look shaaarrrrppppp,
Jus' A Rascal.
Jezebel - all from the Album: - "Boy In Da Corner"
uk rapper rascal dizzee dizzy dizzie
a sick rapper straight outa the streets of London
by DJ SWANN April 2, 2004
hes the dopest flyest og pimp hustling hardcore motha fucker today ladies and gentlemen to be totally honest british rap couldnt be ne more smashing and u know this, mmaaiiaannn
by Mike Oxsmal March 10, 2004
the only hope garage / grime music has in surviving in the music industry. Although garage is growing, its many, many years form being on the same level commercially as rnb hiphop, rock, pop etc.
dizzee dizzee dizzee
by jazzmatiq February 24, 2005
ma fave rappa ennit he is rude!! got sum wkd tunes like stand up tall, gurls and learn!! luv ya dizzee! sfe!
blap blap! lol
dizzee u r rude!!! n fit!
by c.c October 15, 2004
"Did you nut inside her cuz?"

"Are you have a dizzee rascal bruv, girl aint on the pill fam."
by Sharjilo December 2, 2016
Clearly everyone else who has posted a comment is a member of the Croydon Rude Boi Brigade. This fool claims to have talent but actually seems to have a fake-lisp that many Rudie's have adopted. I'd be angry that XFM played his music if it wasnt so hillariously bad.
"Fix-Up, Look Sharp"

*You Reach For The Off Button On Your Radio, Unless Your'e Some Nob-End*

P.S If anyone calls me a "neek" for posting this comment, go look in a f*cking dictionary, the word doesn't exist you scum.
by Real Rock Fan December 6, 2004