Any of a wide variety of primarily Japanese hentai anime films, dealing with demons or space creatures with multiple appendages not unlike tentacles. Many are either naturally occuring shapes i.e. round with suckers, or often times have genitalia, usually of the masculine variety. See hentai, sailor fuku, and anime for additional info.
Wow!! That was so amazing! Did you see the way those things pounded her? That is straight tentacle porn, my friend!
by Anaksunaman June 20, 2004
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Developed as an alternative to showing male genitalia, which is not legal in Japanese live-action adult films.
That tentacle is very phallic looking, no?
by Monkey March 11, 2005
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Form of erotica where women are satisfied by their favorite form of octopi or other cephalopod mollusks. Generally these creatures have eight muscular arms equipped with two rows of suckers or even genitalia.
Barb was overcome by her obsession for tentacle porn...envisioning 8 throbbing tentacles with 8 throbbing dildos ravashing her indefinitely....
by Jimmy Duranti December 11, 2003
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It’s basically just two octopuses going at’s as simple as that
Tentacle porn.No need to explain just two octopuses going at it.Except weirdos put it on pornhub
by Sasugay uchiha February 11, 2021
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