Plaster is just another word for Band-Aid. They are used to protect a small cuts and wounds from infection.
Pass me a plaster I cut my finger.
by Logansmorf April 19, 2004
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Rick couldn't handle drinking; he was plastered in under an hour.
by Sub Zenyth April 8, 2005
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Being heavily f-cked up due to a horribly enormous consumption of alchohol. Can be fun, but be sure to carefully pick out which clothes to throw up on.
person 1. ey buudy i fuckn luv u man....
person 2. but bud... u dont even relly kno me...
person 1. Im gonna puke....
person 2. wait fer me man....
both: shit guy, wer f-ckin plastered.
by Aaron#66756 September 29, 2005
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To be so completely shitfaced drunk that you are barely even able to have a good time. This is the final stage before alcohol poisoning.
"Dude, Adam was totally plastered last night, we almost had to take him to the hospital."
by Chronus Pseudonymous February 28, 2018
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when u drank too much ,, yea that feeling
man im soooo plastered ,, lets go home and drink more,,, hehehe
by Diamond March 8, 2003
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Where one lays upside down on a sofa/chair and cums in his own face.
"John gave himself a good plastering last night"
by jerry pearson October 24, 2013
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