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The phonetic spelling of perhaps the most common internet abbreviation, lol. Since lol is an abbreviation to shorten the word, spelling out the expression shows that the term is being used with either sarcasm or great emphasis.
Generic 12 yr old: OMG THATS SO AWSOM!!! LOL!!!!11

Mature user: Wow! You got to level three! Ell oh ell!

Mature user 1: tells funny joke
Mature user 2: Ell oh ell, that's the best thing I've heard today.
by Sub Zenyth November 11, 2005
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An incorrect spelling of per se. Used by those who do not know its proper use.
"I didn't really dump her persay.."

"Yes you did, because you're an insecure little fucktard. Now stop trying to sound smart."

by Sub Zenyth July 20, 2005
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Insomniac Music Theatre is a show that airs on vh1 in the early morning. Programming consists purely of music videos. Considered by many to be the best show of any produced by stations focused on music due to its utter simplicity.
I was up until four in the morning watching Insomniac Music Theatre while I wrote my term paper.
by Sub Zenyth April 30, 2005
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Origin: The user andistarve of GaiaOnline has a weekly web radio show entitled The WTF Show, during which he charged the listeners with the duty of spreading the phrase.

The term refers to Chewbacca's very nonchalant, laid back attitude.
After the game we headed back to my pad and were just kicking it Chewbacca style.
by Sub Zenyth June 5, 2005
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Rick couldn't handle drinking; he was plastered in under an hour.
by Sub Zenyth April 8, 2005
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To let go of some type of conflict; to excuse an insult.
Even though John dissed Frank, he let it slide and they were still friends.
by Sub Zenyth April 8, 2005
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