commonly used as an expression for laughter.
The word can also be stacked up to be hehehehehehe.
Dave : this joke is so funny hehehehe!
Nathan : ikr hehehehehehehe!
by realLoner September 18, 2017
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An annoying laughing sound that some douchebags use after every sentence that they say.
Person #1: Oh shit here he comes

Person #2: Fuck that kid

Douchebag: Hey guys, whats up? hehehe
by A boss June 14, 2007
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another word for hahaha.. i like hehehe a lot more better because i think hahaha is a word that a dumbass would use. hehehe, expresses happiness, joy. laughter.. etc...
hehehe is a word that expresses happiness
by xxprincessxx July 15, 2006
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hehehe this year was a blast.
by blkmoss August 2, 2011
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Known way of laughter, also trending after Michael Jackson ( Singer ), Started Using it at as a way of sound and laughter in his shows and music.

Could also be an evil , slick , and quick laughter , with intensions of finishing a joke, roast , or a general way to annoy a group of friends by spamming it in the chat / non stop laughing.
In Michael Jackson's songs, you can hear a HEE HEE sound in the background.

Matt is pretty annoying, He keeps going hehehehe in the group chat.
by The Fattest Matt January 17, 2021
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