The act of sprinting at someone from a distance, with pants at ankles, and forcefully driving one's penis into the exposed anus with a leap and a thrust.
"When i saw a blur go by, i turned around in horror and realized far too late that jimmy was preparing to give me a texan piledriver"
by Dnutzzz November 6, 2009
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The move that Kane, Undertaker, or Bret Hart did. It is a piledriver that has your stomach facing inward instead of outward like a normal piledriver. Has the same effect as normal piledriver.
Fuck!! Kane just tombstone piledrivered Undertaker.
by Fatty December 18, 2003
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The act of skydiving off your couch without any pants while your sexual partner lays spread eagle on the ground. You have to be majestic or you will surely break it in half.
"Hey Zack, what's wrong."

"I tried a majestic piledriver last night on Paco's mom".
"I wasn't majestic like an eagle".
by Some really white kid June 20, 2011
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This is a sexual act that begins by positioning a chick with has her ass straight up in the air with only the back of her head and neck touching the floor. She can be held in position by a couch or small table. A more flexible & talented ho can use the back of her arms and elbows to get her ass in the right position.

A dude then stands over the chick, spits on her pussy, aims his cock straight down with his right hand, and drives it with much force into her cunt. Then the cock is completely pulled out and the process is repeated.
I gave her the Portland Piledriver on the first date and the bitch did not bat an eye. What a ho.
by uojr October 14, 2004
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to be hit in the head by a falling ceiling fixture
Dudez: Damn, I wish my boss will get a ceiling piledriver just because he's a bitch!

R to the MA: YEAH! He just erlthomed me too!
by Loads of Kikis May 27, 2008
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During sexual intercourse, position where the female recipient is upside down while the male is standing above her kicking his left leg and doing air guitar. Variation is The Backstage Pass where the guy is backward, playing drums on her butt.
My favorite sex position is the Rocking Piledriver, I love watching her face as I air guitar above her.
by BigOleFloppian October 7, 2008
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A Cleveland Piledriver is the combination of a Cleveland Steamer and a regular piledriver. To put it simply, you take a shit on the ground, and then piledrive your bitch promptly into your pile of dooder.

Also synonymous with the "poop smash"
Examples :

"I made Jill tap out with a massive a Cleveland Piledriver last night."

"I knocked Jill out cold last night with my Cleveland Piledriver, it was creamy."

"I Cleveland Piledrived. Nice."
by nice. June 27, 2014
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