Skydiving involves jumping from an airplane at altitudes typically ranging from 12,000 feet to 14,000 feet…freefalling for about a minute, then deploying a parachute at typically 3,500 feet…and flying the parachute to a designated landing area. Skydiving has become safer in recent years due to a device that will deploy a parachute automatically at a certain altitude for you if you cannot. Skydiving is an extremely fun sport that is challenging and is best suited for the fast thinking, mature, and open minded individual that enjoys doing things with other people. Skydivers are some of the most fun loving people you will ever meet and very few of them are “crazy”. This sport is often called "crazy" by individuals who are not open minded, live vicariously, or simply do not have the balls to try it.
Skydiving is the most fun sport anyone could ever do and you should try it...this summer!
by Joe Bates April 9, 2008
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An activity where one jumps out of a plane with a parachute on their back and falls thousands of feet before opening their chute (most of the time without any "aggravations") and land back on the ground just as if they had jumped down from a 5MPH moving truck (again, results vary.)
White boy: I think I'll go skydiving this weekend.
Marcus: You be crazy.
by Anonymous November 8, 2003
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A suicide-like activity in which a person jumps out of a skyborne plane and releases a parachute in hopes that it will reduce his rate of descent below a bone-crushing threshold before he makes contact with the earth.
by Phlagellum September 22, 2003
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A pathetic excuse for people to commit suicide on "accident" and call it a sport.
Guy1: Hey Jason is going skydiving again.
Guy2: I know a lot of Jasons, the last one I knew went skydiving and "forgot" to use his parachute...oh you're messing with me. Screw you!
Guy1: Sit on it and rotate!
by Brillo Pad May 28, 2008
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Any type of ecstasy pill that is bunk. Normally from a bad batch.

Once you take the pill(s) you get high but you feel the comedown very fast. The comedown last longer than the high and generally makes you feel horrible.

Skydivers give you a bad roll the entire night.
"Man, those pill I had last night were some skydivers. Soon as I took them I felt like throwing up and had a headache the rest of the night."

" Person 1: I feel so horrible right now. I have a bad headache, my chest hurts and I feel like throwing up.

Person 2: I told you not to take those pills, they were some skydivers."
by BlakOutt July 12, 2009
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When your hammering your lady (or guy friend, if that's your thing) from behind, belly down on the bed, as soon as you start to snap one off inside her, you pull up all four limbs in a skydiver position. This will cause your full weight to make her tense up and feel a heavenly tightness around your unit. Orgasmic enhancement.
Broooo, last night I had Marcy face down on her bed, as I popped my load, I pulled a skydiver, shit got tight!
by JZrkman August 29, 2020
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An activity viewed by most as suicidal or crazy. Those people are just too chicken shit to do it themselves.
Guy 1:
Jason blaw blaw might forget to pull his chute while skydiving

Guy 2: Grow a pair and jump before pretending to know anything about it.

Guy 1: Yeah, I just looked like a real retard for saying that. I wish I had courage that didn't come in a bottle.
by A Sky God August 27, 2009
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