Springing forth from any hiding place, naked and turgid, and suprising your spouse. The result is 22 seconds worth of sex and at least child number eight. Provo is known for large families.
Suzy, Ashley, Ron and Amanda were the results of the Provo Piledriver. The other six children were accidents.
by ECW May 3, 2008
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When a Singh unleashes their ultimate sexual finishing move while tensing their traps. It is commonly known as performing the Punjabi Piledriver. There is the famous tale of 3 blondes who experienced this in one week
Dhurdeep "These white girls love my spicy aloo and saag paneer man, they can't get enough of it!"

Jim "What do you mean?"

Dhurdeep "I fucked them so good, they call me the Punjabi Piledriver! I'm god's gift to women. I can keep going all night!"
by Tuppy Tours September 7, 2020
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A sexual position, much like the "69", only with the male on top of the female. This gives the male complete control and the ability to "piledrive" his member into the female's mouth, often causing discomfort and/or choking on the part of the female.
Yo, you know that chubby scenester chick with the shitty tattoos I picked up at Julian's last night, over by Federal Hill? Man, I had that girl turning six shades of blue when I gave her the reverse piledriver... and my cock is only four and a half inches!
by GargamelPrime March 18, 2010
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When a man knocks a woman unconscious. He then proceeds to build a pulley system on the ceiling of his room. He then ties the woman, by her feet, to the pulley system, slowly pulling her up. at this time, the man, with his penis out, positions himself right below the woman's mouth. He then releases the pulley. Right before the woman's mouth hits his penis, he trusts upwards with his penis, shoving his cock in her mouth and through her neck, impaling her.
"Last night was a disaster. i gave this girl a UP (ukrainian piledriver), and i killed her."

"..........YES!!" (high fives)
by Darryl Harding August 22, 2006
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a standing "69" with the women facing down. Then right before the man blows his load, he sits down. like a pile driver. the end result best case scenario is a very delightfull orgasm and the girl swallowed. Worst case scenario, an unconsious women, with sperm everywhere.
Man, i gave her the russian piledriver last night.


She was pissed.
by german sniper December 26, 2007
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It is a smack which was introduced by many wrestlers. In this smack one have to turn over the opponent's head between the legs and then have to pull the legs of opponent's upwards so that the opponents head would hang .then you have to be kneel down so that you have to struck opponent's head in the ground.
by Tombstone piledriver August 31, 2016
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When a man attempts to have vaginal sex with a woman as she is giving birth. The thrusting motion must be enough to combat the birthing process until climax is reached.
The unstoppable force met the immovable object.

Dude I was about to finish the child piledriver until the doctors pulled me off of her
by Kraitogyn December 11, 2012
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