In BDSM, a bondage position used by the female dominant to peg her male submissive partner.

The submissive is lying on his back with his legs tied high above his head, causing his ass to be raised up in the air. For added restriction, his hands may also be bound. The bondage provides natural support for a sex position which can otherwise be tiring to sustain.

The female dominant has complete access to his exposed anus, enabling her to penetrate him deeply and give him the full strap-on treatment while she is in complete control. Prostate stimulation is easily achieved, and the submissive will often moan in pain or pleasure while the dominant fucks him hard and fast.

Some submissives may also find the position to be humiliating or degrading, which can be a turn on for both partners.
Her slave was bound in the piledriver position and she fucked him senseless with the full length of her 10" strap-on dildo ploughing deep into his slutty ass.
by robroysub May 1, 2020
A sexual position seen in alot of porno movies. It's when you have a female person pointing one of her holes upwards, and a man who forcedly inserts his penis in said hole. It's commonly seen that the man needs to press his penis downwards with his hand to make this act possible. The extreme porn star Max Hardcore is known to perform this act quite often in his movies.

Can also be used as a verb. "Piledriving"
"Have you ever tried the piledriver on your girlfriend?"
"No, sadly she won't let me."

"Hey, did you see the latest Max Hardcore movie?"
"For sure, he really piledrived the living hell outta that chick!"
by Bo Bacon December 23, 2005
A sexual position in which the woman lies facing upward on her neck and shoulders on the floor, with her hips thrust upwards. The man, standing over her and holding her legs, penetrates downward into her.
Michelle's neck was sore from trying the Piledriver.
by E=MC May 20, 2005
a move where a woman is sitting on her hear and the man bends over her and drivers her into the ground with his cock
i piledrived the shit outta yo sista last night u chooch
by Miles December 2, 2004
Person who's favorite wrestling move is the piledriver, fat, unpopular, and where he/she thinks that WWE wrestling is real. Very unpopular and tends to act like a 7 year old child when he is with his friends. When he is alone he is very quiet.
Wow that douchebag is acting like a total Piledriver, Let's go egg his house.
by GodofSauce November 6, 2009
1. A wrestling move where the aggressor takes the victim and flips him upside down, at which point he proceeds to jump up and then drive the victim's head into the ground, intending to cause spinal damage. This move is what caused Stone Cold Steve Austin to take a leave from wrestling for an extended period of time.

2. A sexual position where the woman is standing on her head and the male proceeds to take her legs, spread them apart, and penetrate (as he's standing up). This is rather tricky, as both parties need to have a good sense of balance.

3. A machine that drives piles (those wooden things you see at the beach sometimes) into the ground. This is actually where the wrestling move got its name. It uses a heavy weight to hammer the pile into the ground.
1. Jerry 'the king' lawler: oh my god! did you see that pile driver!?

2. guy 1: so you try anything new with the wife last night?
guy 2: yeah, we decided to do it piledriver style.
my junk hurts. she liked it though.

3. I think the pile driver's broken. We can't put the barrier up today.
by Tengu September 27, 2006
A piledriver is a mixed drink consisting of two jiggers of vodka in a tall glass of prune juice. Probably came from the screwdriver, similarly made but using orange juice as the base. It is popularly used either as a cure for constipation or as a "dare drink."
I'm constipated, so gimme two piledrivers and a half-hour.
by Duckbutt April 10, 2007