The act of guffing in one's hand followed by them punching your partner with said hand.
by Rapeimus Prime August 8, 2009
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A repetitive thrusting motion during sex, so hard, resulting in the penis to emerge from the females mouth.
Dude, last night i performed the most legendary jacksonville piledriver ive ever done. She fucking died.
by Orionn February 19, 2014
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While doing a girl doggie style simply reach up and knock her arms down causing her to fall flat on her face and her ass to shoot up in the air where you then stick your dick in the ass...
Ginna would not let me have anal sex with her so I tricked her and gave her the Pittsburgh Piledriver.
by C_t_B September 28, 2006
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The act of shoving both of ones hands up someone’s ass in order to reach the infinite pleasure gates in the center of a person. Then a quick tugging motion to fully disembowel the partner. Then you kiss the person and suck on their face hard enough to suck their intestines back into their body.
Imma give my ho an Alabama piledriver in Micky D’s.

My mom caught me while I was having an Alabama piledriver.
by Cat in the ass June 20, 2018
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love taken it now piledriver piledriver
by walter_man October 28, 2004
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When you are 69ing with a girl in a porto-pottie and after you bust her face you dunk her head into the hole.
"dude i just gave that girl a peruvian piledriver in the porto-potttie."
by dansmith45 January 11, 2010
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When a foriegn woman rips a males pants off, and repeativly thrusts the genitalia back and forth until it falls off and/or flattens.
Oh shit, man. That German whore gave me a Skandinavian Piledriver so hard I had to go to the hospital.
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