22 definitions by Fatty

some fat jews who spend their days talking about monsters
the eps talks about didimons all the time. i said "what are didimons?" and they said "your a punk ass tron."
by Fatty January 20, 2005
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A person, usually a woman, but sometimes a man, and in rare circumstances a circus midget with one eye, that has been deprived of having/using/eating cock so long, that they have become starved of it's delight and fufillment.
That whore Suzy Jenkins got sent to prison and is now being fucked and eaten out by lesbians, she sure is cock starved or David Hasselhoff hasn't had anal butt sex with or licked the balls of Elton John since he started his Germany comeback tour, I bet he is cock starved by now.
by Fatty April 15, 2003
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A male homosexual. Often used by straight males against other straight as a means of humilating him.
by Fatty June 20, 2003
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a person that sits on the couch all day and watches shows like Ricki, Maury, and Jerry, and eats bon bons
you're a fat ass
by Fatty January 14, 2003
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A title resembling Lord or Sire when preceeded by "Witty"
Witty Fatty, you have returned from your quest to the fridge.
by Fatty February 24, 2003
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SAMWISE GAMGEE. CHUB MIN! AWA. beish's lova. Soo much cooler than elwood. So kin yet so large and chub. Corny.
Awa it's samwise.
Mr. Frodo.
Wow dude you need to lose some pounds. Go on the samwise diet.
by Fatty March 15, 2003
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The move that wrestlers used to use back then, or moves that people use now also when your body is flipped upside down and your head crashes into the ground. Can also be a tombstone piledriver
Oh shit! He just got piledrivered.
by Fatty December 17, 2003
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