A WWE wrestler that has won 13 wrestlemanias and lost 0. Considered a legend. Says words like rest in peace a lot
Rest... In... Peace....
by Parsa April 16, 2005
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Born as Mark Calloway on March 24, 1962.
Wrestled in rival organizations USWA and WCW in the late 80's. Joined the WWE (the the WWF) in 1990 and becmae the Undertaker. Went virtually undefeated for almost two years and often seemed to get caught up in fueds which were a waste of his time including rivalries with Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Giant Gonzalez, Yokozuna and his own TV brother Kane.

Is a four time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
by Winston JOrdan July 12, 2004
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12-0 at wrestle mania and hall of fame wrestler
undertaker owns kane and every one in WWE
by ADEEM July 17, 2004
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The Deadman, The Undertaker. The greates wrestler of all time who has a superb Wrestlemania recored 12-0. And at Wrestlemania 21 Undertaker WILL best Randy Orton
Undertaker:Men have come to Wrestlemania, and tried to make make a name for themselves at the Undertakers expense. And Randy Orton has one thing in common with all of them, he too will REST IN PEACE!.

At Wrestlemania the Legend Killer will be killed!
by Ben Geddes March 28, 2005
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The act of placing ones arm under the crotch of a victim from behind, while grabbing their teat from over the shoulder and lifting up. The resulting effects should end with the victim gasping for air and somtimes even tearing up.
Derek gave Ryan an amazing undertaker after being scooped repetedly.
by toadi January 7, 2009
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The man who is the best WWE legend.Also known as Deadman INC,American Bad A%$,The Phenom n the 7foot missle.The guy who whooped evry gr8 wrestlers' a%$e$$ at WrestleMania-the grand daddy of all the PPV.The man who has won a magnificent record 13-o at WrestleMania.The man who will nvr evr lose at WrestleMania.The man who deals wit the dark side.The man nt 2 b messed wit.The man who will bury u alive.The man 2 b reckoned wit.The man whose legendary legacy will nvr evr die.He iz the one n only THE UNDERTAKER!!!!!
frnd:who do u tink iz da best wretsler in the world
i:UNdertaker u stoopid maggot head freak.he has nvr evr lost a single WrestleMania match!!!
by abhizzle_dogg October 7, 2005
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