something or someone that has been present for a long time and will continue to be so in years to come
1. Phil Jackson would have said that Jordan is a fixture on the Chicago Bulls.

2. The Help Center is a fixture in the community.

3. That old country restaurant has been here for a while, it is a fixture in this neighborhood.
by Douglas Teel November 7, 2007
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A mixture that can temporally fix problems.
"Man, whatever that was they gave us last night was one hell of a fixture!"
by Vanilla Gorilla January 26, 2005
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a wanna-be hustla, playa, gangsta, etc.. as opposed to being a factor, a fixture can be removed from the game without causing and real problems.
it really doesn't matter if you's a fixture or a factor- walk up on that ave, man they'll have you on a platter...

- E-40
by don't rightly know anymore October 9, 2005
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white mans code werd for nigger
That godamn fixture just stole my car.
by Aint Myname November 18, 2003
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used when a subject or picture has already been discussed/shown in the past on an internet messageboard, anybody spotting the schoolboy error of not using the search facility can immediately post "FIXTURES" as the next message.
username#1: "just seen a great video on the net, look at it on this URl ......."

username#2: (who saw the video posted a week ago) FIXTURES

username#1: oh (feeling suitably chastised)
by NSCer November 2, 2006
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A roomate that is a complete idiot who never takes showers, wears the same clothes and annoys the hell out of you when you have girls stay the night.
by yuri December 6, 2004
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One who talks so much that the viable option to shut them up is to stick your dick in their mouth.
"Kevin is a real dick fixture during OPCOMM meetings"
by dinomite April 8, 2004
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