An ancient art that originated after God wanted to rock out but had no electric guitar on hand. He realised how sweet a thing he had just created so he wanted to pass it down onto man when man had no axe to rock with. This talent was given to man, by God, through Jesus. Jesus showed the world the ineffable art of air guitar during his ressurection. Jesus was radiating with a bright white light because he was rocking so hard.

The art of the air guitar was thus written down in the Bible and succesfully passed on to man. The practice of air guitar since it's inception has been shown throughout the history of the world. Jesus is discretely air guitaring in the famous painting The Last Supper in the Galleria Borghese, Rome.

On and on has this holy tradition gone. It is kept alive by generations of rockers young and old. If you are listening to a really sweet guitar solo and you have no real guitar to emulate the action of rocking, pick up your hands, put them in position, and rock and roll all night.

Remember...rock on.
Adam was listening to Communication Breakdown by Led Zeppelin and it was nearing the kickass guitar solo. But he had no guitar. So he took matters into his own hands. He played air guitar and never stopped rocking.
by Dude August 10, 2004
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In an age where man has abandoned God , the air guitar remains the only representation of mankinds ultimate faith in the unseen
watch Bill and Ted for the example of perfect air guitarmanship
by Stutley November 12, 2004
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1)a way to play guitar without disturbing others and having your neighbors call the police and your family telling you to turn it down if it is an electric guitar

2) to jam with your favorite songs freely

1) I took up the guitar recently for a play my day program is putting on, and the only way to practice playing it at home is by air guitar, since my brother had sold his guitar before this happened.

2) I have air-guitarred to Bon Jovi's "Have A Nice Day" My Chemical Romance's "Teenagers", and Nickelback's "Burn It To the Ground" where nobody could see me.

by Chad'srockergrrrl April 8, 2009
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1)The act of making a guitar-playing motion with your hands, usually done while listening to music, while under the influence of alchohol, or both.

2)What people do when they can't play guitar, and want to look cool, but they just end up looking riduculous.

(Also known as air guitaring)
1)Jason got so drunk at the party last night, that he started air guitaring to air guitar along to the music, and then barfed on the stereo.

2)Look at that loser over there, playing air guitar.
by THe terrible truth April 10, 2004
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when you pretend to play a rad air guitar solo, so that you can scratch your pubes in public with your "strumming" hand
Air guitar solo!!! ROCK OUT BRUUH!!! BWWAAaaaNAanana*itch*itch*itch*NanaNAAaNAWR!
by Peaches H. November 9, 2010
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The act of playing an imaginary guitar usually whist u are under the effects of alchohol leading to you thinking u look great when u actually look more like you are playing the invisible banjo
Man look at that twat playing air guitar
by DANNYBOY March 6, 2004
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1. The act of pretending to play the guitar using only hands and the surrounding air.

2. Masturbation.
1. I can play some mad air guitar!

2. Kid 1: She totally didn't put out.
Kid 2: No worries, just go home and play some air guitar.
by Bobbbbbbby September 13, 2006
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