A person you can count on through hard times and good times. They are there to hold you up, not bring you down. They will always support you and sometimes you might get in fights with this person because you are too close and understand eachother to well. You love them like family.
by -Auggie September 17, 2017
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Like, your right hand man/girl, down for whatever, partner in crime if you will

"Wassap "Right hand ", wats the move."
by $waGGkiDD November 14, 2013
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Your most useful tool.
What does my right hand and the equation X/32*Y=Z have in common? They beat the f*ck out of my!
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Right hand is someone who is like your side nigga or bitch it's a nother word for side
Deshawn is my right hand

Damn that's yo right hand wheres your main?
by Bella stella September 26, 2017
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1. In eastern mysticism, any spiritual discipline embodying the principle of yang; characterised by conscious effort and striving to expand the student's potentiality. In such arts, enlightenment is reached by self-discipline and some forms of self-denial, such as fasting to reach altered states of mind. Called Dakshinachara in the original Indian doctrines. While it is the opposite of the left hand path, both paths require knowledge of one's inner self.

2. In modern western revisions, any spiritual discipline pursuing a state of being thought to be higher than the material world, such as the Christian concept of salvation.
1. In walking the right hand path, a student may keep a daily meditation and study schedule.

2. In the west, magicians of the right hand path seek to merge their consciousness with that of the universe.
by IntestinePoet June 11, 2007
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A series of gang signs used as dog whistles by physicists to communicate with one another. There are several iterations corresponding to different affiliations.

The most common and simple versions usually involve holding one's right arm out, curling the fingers inward toward the torso, and pointing the thumb upward. This is often (but not always) accompanied by the member looking up in the direction their thumb is pointing. At times this may be inverted, with the thumb pointing downward.

Adherents of various sects differ on dogma, but universally agree on the "Power" of physics in the world.
I just had a student ask me if which hand they were supposed to use for the right hand rule.
by mafs_is_fun August 13, 2018
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