when youre having sex with a girl and she can't take the dick no more
i fucked that bitchhhhh so hard she hadda tap out
by nigggggawassup January 6, 2010
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I was fighting Corey and he was so hurt he needed to stop. So he tapped out.
by Jon December 9, 2004
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To give up; to quit. To submit.
That exam was so difficult, I had to tap out.
by jonnylucky July 14, 2008
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During oral sex, when a considerate man gives his partner warning that he's about to cum so she can stop before getting a mouth full. This indication is usual a light tap on the head. (a foreign concept to some men) Derived from a wrestling or fighting term used to indicate surrender.
My boyfriend is so considerate, he'll tap out when I'm giving him head.
by Do You See Me September 19, 2006
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To tap someone on the back while hugging them, thus ending the hug. Usually when someone is not so comfortable hugging.

It can be a little condescending, like this is not a real thing this hug.
Hey dude that was not a real hug, give me a real hug, and dont tap out!
by ashtangapose October 23, 2012
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1. to knock somebody out cold

2. making somebody quit a fight forcefully

background: in boxing or wrestling, to 'tap out' means to quit
Dude, did he really tap out with one blow!?!
by Emo Geek February 9, 2010
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to settle for tap water when no bottled or filtered water is available.
i was at jons house and he was out of bottled water so i had to tap out.
by ajclay September 5, 2007
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