When a girl opens her legs so far that her pussy actually splits in half.
When I walked in the room the girl was spread eagle on the bed.
by steve May 9, 2003
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when a girl is waiting for penetration, she is laying there spread eagle aka - legs spread apart. imagine a eagles wingspan while it is flying, then think of how her legs would be.
monke was waiting spread eagle on the bed for neRd's massive member
by hkpolice September 12, 2005
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a pussie stretched to the limits of its wet skin
I was ready to fly when she was spread eagle
by Greg Satin January 17, 2003
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Spread eagle is a sexual position. This is performed when a woman lies on her back, grabs her ankles and pulls them back to form a 180 degree angle if she is very flexible. Woman who are able to perform this position due so to seek deep penetration from a man's penis. Oral sex is also performed on women in the spread eagle position as well.
Man, she'll whoop you with that spread eagle
by Pfolife July 22, 2011
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to disperse one's personal belongings across an egregious number of desks, taking up more than one's fair share of the hospitable classroom climate
Pei-Ann does the spread eagle every day during periods 1 through 7.
by Bizzlitz Masta February 8, 2008
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An outdoor game named for the position which the loser must assume. The construct of the game is as follows: Players: as many can confortably move around an area opposing the wall/target. A ball (tennis, basket, playground, bouncey, type insignificant) is thrown against a wall by the thrower (this may include an intermediate bounce on the ground. As it bounces back, and of the persons may choose to catch the ball and become the next thrower, but anyone touching the ball and not retaining (catching) it must immediately run to the wall and touch it before any of the other players recovers the ball and hits the wall with it. If the failed catcher reaches the wall before the ball, play continues. If not, he must assume a 'spread eagle' position against the wall and may then be pegged (hit with the ball) by the last thrower (i.e. the one that got him/her 'out'. Play resumes until everyone is too tired or bruised to continue.
Also See: Pickle
Back in the good old days, me and the boys would play spread eagle. Now, the young whippersnappers stay inside and watch pokemon and play with their nintendos.
by pythonspam November 26, 2003
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A particular dance move in which one lays on their back and opens their legs in a split position to the sky.
Mo dropped into the spread eagle in the middle of his dance performance .
by MightyExtra May 21, 2017
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