What you say when somebody asks you "what's up" in a room. Usually said to piss someone off.
"Hey man, what's up"


"WTF? you suck shit man!"
by BLEHMAN223 May 19, 2010
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an entry point to a room for those...of special intelligence, or of great altitude and velocity.
dude...the Retard just "dropped" in...through the ceiling!
by ranger bill May 21, 2008
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What your wife is contemplating changing the color of while you have sex with her.
Becky considered 7 possible color changes to the ceiling during the 42 seconds that her husband spent "making love" to her.
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look up and you'll see the ceiling
by Dubiks January 5, 2019
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This girl is magical and possibly the most amaxing woman you would ever meet. Literally jaw on the floor beautiful, intelligent, funny and the girl can dance.

When in a room, she owns the room. Once you meet her you will love her always.
Every man is in love with her, whether he admits it or not. The one that has her wont let her go. Woman not only want to be her, they want to be with her.
She will drive you insane, she will make you laugh, she will make you angry, she will own you
Love her and you will love her forever, lose her and you will regret it forever

Dont let this one out of your sight
I dont even know why but I love Ceile
by jack o neill October 16, 2011
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Ceiling is toxic when using p90s on Fortnite
by wL Element August 28, 2018
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