The most interesting cases of internet celebrity/character/pop-icon/god (there is evidence that the character is in reality an actual being).

Wild, orange hair; lewd and offensive, speaks with bad 1337 accent; constant pwning of other artists; millions of online followers; a giant p3n0r which gives him his p3n0r p0w3r.

One of the reasons the internet entity is so captivating to the world is his mysterious backgrounds and motives combined with his surpassing genius to gain followers faster than Muhammed.
While the majority of the world let the communcation era make a surprising appearance, Piconjo was there in the clockworks of the primordial internet forming usergroups and bulletin board systems regarding entertainment and communications. Some early posts he made claimed several degrees of formal schooling (eg MA in Communications, BFA in Graphic Design, and AA in Computer Information Sciences) but it wasn't until he started an entertainment portal in the early days of the world wide web featuring animated movies created with Macromedia Flash that the world took notice.
Under mysterious conditions the unnamed Flash portal was shut down, seized by the US Federal government. Piconjo's apartment was broken into and several thousand dollars worth of computer equipment was stolen, and one filing cabinet was broken when the lock was attempted to be picked with a nail file. Most of the hardware was returned (without the HDD), but with no appologies. An underground hacking ring was thought to have been the reasons behind the raid.
Soon after the events Piconjo submitted some movies to an affiliated site by the name of newgrounds. Having made friends with a witty, young Flash author on ShockAnime's forums Piconjo agreed to teach how tweening was used in Flash using the provided Graphic Symbols. The author, now known as legenadryfrog, submitted the movie with his newgrounds account and got instant fame because it exploited all the popular Final Fantasy characters to a catchy song. He took credit for all the animation as well as the characters and song, none of which was his property. Some sources cite an explosive argument, others mention a quiet falling-out, but what clearly remains to this day is a saddened Piconjo who's very future of online entertainment was shattered.
Piconjo was then recruited to work on shading for Pixar's films around the time of The Incredibles. Source pictures of hidden "penors" have been found in the background shadows of the movie, a trademark signiture of Piconjo's.
Since 2004 Piconjo has made many crude movies depicting gratuitous acts of violence, sex, and quirky demeanor on Newgrounds, most of which is focused unprecariously on the likeness of legendaryfrog and anyone associated with him.

-The name
1) Most likely it is the name of the artist. Though a mostly unknown name, it means "A god by his virtue, a man by his example." A fitting description of the personality it describes.
2)A parody on Pico, another web character. Both characters have red/orange hair and Pico is a Chilean term for "penis" so it has some merit. Some conjecture Pico + pwns j00 = Piconjo.
3)A pseudonym that reveals the motives behind the artistic attacks, when said properly it sounds like "pick on joe." Joesephe is the name of legendaryfrog.

Every overrated online Flash artist has had the pleasure of being brought into Piconjo's incredibly outrageous world where he not only pushes the envelope, but shoves it into one's anal passage with his gigantic, throbbing penor. And the world loves it, or loves to hate it. A cunning tactic to build a name for himself.

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Piconjo <3s j00
Piconjo pwns j00
Piconjo > j00
Piconjo died 4 ur sons.
liek, 06M, Piconjo totally pwnt those toadies with his 1337 p3n0r p0wer. suxx0rz his p3n0r, k?
Piconjo is teh savior of teh pr0tal.
by Piconjo February 07, 2005
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Piconjo, as seen in other definitions, is a widely known user and animator in the Newgrounds sub-community. His fame is the sort that is matched by only a few.

He is well-known for his Flash animations skewering other famous Newgrounds artists, most notable and frequently-targetted of which would be Legendary Frog, the creator of many Flash films that parody popular video games.

While much of Piconjo's work is actually animated fairly decently, and is undoubtedly funny, the sheer bitter viciousness of the harsh insults within can be difficult for some to watch. As a result, he's gained a large following of people who both love and absolutely loathe his work.

His motivations for continually tearing down other well-known Flash artists is something of a mystery, and in spite of what other people (Or definitions, for that matter!) say, nobody REALLY knows.

One popular theory that is oft-repeated, but with little actual accuracy, is that Piconjo once partnered with Legendary Frog on Frog's most famous submission to Newgrounds: his Final Fantasy tribute. As the story goes, as the die-hard fans of the mysterious Piconjo CLAIM, Piconjo did most of the work on this particular submission, but Frog took all the credit.

Absolutely no evidence, nor seemingly any reason, was present for this claim to even be made, but as with so many things in life, a sensational accusation is generally enough to get 2/3 of people halfway believing it.

Problems with this theory include:

1) Legendary Frog has made many other Flash animations since the Final Fantasy tribute, and a few before, too. The tribute was merely what made him famous. All of his movies are animated very similarly, practically identical in style. If the Final Fantasy Chocobo remix was truly done at the hands of someone else, only to be betrayed by Frog afterwards, Frog certainly learned to duplicate that exact style extremely quickly in a fast cover-up, mere weeks later.

2) Piconjo's seemingly second highest priority (behind the downfall of Frog) is humor. Indeed, one of his most famous qualities is his penchant for baiting, misdirection, and out-and-out lies, all for the sole purpose of humorous effect...usually when the victim finds out he's been had. It certainly would not be beyond Piconjo to gleefully start such rumors, and sit back to enjoy the chaos that ensued as his fans spread it around, wide-eyed and believing. Indeed, he'd be hard-pressed to stop laughing long enough to submit his next movie.

3) Piconjo himself has never out-and-out said this, nor made any claim to his relationship with Legendary Frog, other than that he "bites" his "p3n0r." His hatred of Legendary Frog seems to be powerful, indeed, but it is a spotlight shared by many other artists, Knox of clay-animated fame among them. It could just as easily be an all-out bitterness towards other artists that he feels do not deserve the recognition that they have.

4) Legendary Frog was becoming hated among a few other Flash artists already when Piconjo originally surfaced, namely because they felt that he, and his work, didn't deserve a fraction of the celebration that they were receiving...not to mention that Frog's ego was also reportedly growing. Rumors (yes, more rumors) began to surface that he had used malicious scripts to automate Newgrounds' built-in user ranking system, to artifically boost his Final Fantasy animation into the limelight. Again, no evidence (or reason) seemed to be responsible for this bitter accusation to spring up...but again, that didn't really matter much when it came to people wanting to believe it. It is often widely-speculated that Piconjo is merely one of these other famous artists in disguise, which wouldn't allow for the "betrayed by Frog" scenario.

5) As stated before, Piconjo's driving motivation is sheer, tasteless (but undeniably funny), humor. It is entirely possible that Piconjo bears no actual malice to Legendary Frog, or any other ego-inflated artists he decides to pick on. Piconjo's notorious personality is the sort that would take one look at the tremendous fan-base these famous artists generate, however, and gleefully decide to mess with their heads.

Indeed, his submissions, in spite of the undeniably high caliber of many of them, generate some of the most hateful, withering responses on Newgrounds, all from the shocked fans of the artists that he's skillfully tearing apart. Piconjo feeds off these reactions, thrives on them, is DRIVEN by them.

In other words, it's a possibility that the mystery-man does it all simply because he thinks it's FUNNY.

We may never know the truth, but one thing is for certain: Piconjo may be big, as big as those he seeks to tear down, perhaps made big BECAUSE of those he chose to attack, but nobody knows WHY he does what he does.

We can only take guilty pleasure in his viciousness, even while we enjoy the work of those he hurls insult after insult at, and speculate. There is almost as much fun in that as there is to be had in any Flash it an original by a well-known trying to be serious, or Piconjo's inevitable urination on it.
I'm going to leave a review on this new Piconjo movie; he's gone too far this time.
by Lurick March 14, 2005
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Piconjo ily
by SparksFunny May 24, 2021
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Piconjo <3 joo, he really does.
The great superhero of the portals, he's there to get rid of all the crap artists and to use is pen0r a lot.
People may confuse him with his blatant ripoff, Pico, but be warned, only Piconjo is the true hero.
Piconjo pwns joo, he also does.
by Gunningsoul January 28, 2005
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A flash artist on newgrounds. He is widely known on The name piconjo came from pico and he just added a njo on the end.

And to answer the question that the last guy marked as "an unkown answer", i will tell you why legendary frog and piconjo hate eachother so much.

No, its not jealousy, here is the story.

Piconjo anf legendary frog used to animate flash together. They did a good job of it to. But back then he didnt have the account named "piconjo". It was somthing else. The name i do not know. Anyway it all turned around when a popular flash called "FF Tribute - Chocobo Mix" came out. While they were doing the flash together, piconjo did most of the work. All legendary frog did was the symbols. But when piconjo did all the work he had to take off a few days so when piconjo did not notice legendary frog submitted the flash and did not put piconjos name where is says "flash animated by: " or somthing like that. Later on when piconjo found out and legendary frog refused to put his name there because he wanted to have all the credit.

So there.
Legendary frog sucks ass because he stole piconjos flash.
by Grade-A January 29, 2005
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